CONCAMIN held the Industrials Annual Meeting 2017


The Mexican Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN, by its Spanish initials) held the twenty-third Annual Meeting of Industrials in Nuevo Leon, in which businessmen from the most important companies gather together, as well as different state and federal authorities including Enrique Pena Nieto, president of the Mexican Republic.

At the event were analyzed the advances and challenges of the industrial sector in Mexico and different initiatives and projects were formulated which seek contributing to a sustainable development in the country’s industry.

An inflow near to one thousand attendees was estimated, businessmen, governors, industrial sector leaders, opinion leaders, ambassadors, deputies, senators and different communication means.

Manuel Herrera Vega, president of the Mexican Confederation of Industrial Chambers, indicated that the participation of the industrial sector is very important to guarantee that reforms will transcend sexennial after sexennial and to carry out the reconstruction in some areas of the country after the recent earthquakes.

The president also highlighted some of the challenges the national economy is facing such as the negotiation of NAFTA and mentioned that they expect it is solved in the best way possible for all parts involved, assuring that Mexico has the tools to move forward from any situation.

“The industrial sector is a very important part of the civil society and has to act in benefit of its community and social justice.  The country has our support to help the reconstruction through Fuerza Mexico, a trust that the Mexican industrial sector will be joining in the initiative,” he explained.



On the other hand, Alejandro Delgado Ayala, president of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur, mentioned that SMEs are about to get strongly involved in global operations, since among some of the agreements held in the renegotiation of the NAFTA was included a special chapter for this industry sector in the three countries.

“It is something important to continue promoting the national economy growth.  Today we have to continue working thus those companies achieve increasing their competitiveness levels and acquire better skills to compete with SMEs from other countries,” he added.


Mexico and future trade


Idelfonso Guajardo Villarreal, secretary of Economy in Mexico also was present in the meeting and during his participation assured that the negotiations held with the United States and Canada, what is sought is to reach different arrangements with the objective of expanding the economy and not to delay it.

“Some agreements have been reached in some aspects of the NAFTA.  In the most advanced rounds complex issues are being treated, but Mexico is not going to accept any conditions that will mean going backwards in all economic advances achieved in the northern area of the continent,” he said.

At the annual meeting also were lectured conferences about other issues of general interests such as economic proposals from political parties, large reforms in the country, advances and challenges to strengthen the Rule of Law and some recognitions were delivered to highlighted companies.