According to the last survey fulfilled by OCCMundial, the Center for Professional Career, oriented to learn the perception of people about the kind of competences required for the professional development, highlighted team work with 74 % as the most valued, followed by decision making with 65 % and Leadership with 64 % of mentions among respondents.


Regarding the knowledge workers consulted have on competences, highlighted being familiarized with organizational and management competences in 39 %; basic competences as information search, mathematic reasoning and information analysis in 11 %; and specialized – technical competences as processes domain and quality control in 10 %.


The skills with which participants said they are less familiarized are socioeconomic ones such as empathy, emotional intelligence and motivation, in 6 %; followed by digital ones as social networks and last generation platforms with 3 %.


Talking about how competences benefit companies, 81 % of respondents assured that these increase productivity; 64 % said they make the organization more competitive; 59 % that they improve business results; 55 % assured that they support objectives achievement and another 55 % that decrease personnel turnover.


Finally, when asking them about which they considered are the skills professionals must acquire to face process automation or robotization in companies, they underlined decision making, problems solving, creativity, continuous learning, critical thinking, communication and emotional intelligence.


“Challenges faced today by Mexicans in work matters, together to the dynamism of technological changes continuously incorporated to goods and services production, they are extraordinary and will be even more in the future.  This need of better productivity and the continuous progress of companies’ competitiveness requires credited labor competences in international standards,” ended Sergio Porragas, chief operating officer in OCCMundial.