In Mexico, Nuevo Leon has the second place in French investment destination, according to data from the National Registry of Foreign Investments from the Federal Ministry of Economy (SE, by its Spanish initials.)  There are 50 Mexican partnerships in the State with French investment inside its capital.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Economy and Labor in Nuevo Leon detailed that in the last three years France has announced a total of 20 investment projects which represent an amount of 985 million dollars.  The main sectors where French fulfill investments are the advanced manufacturing area, the aerospace sector and the energy industry.

Among the companies with most representative presence in the region are: Schneider Electric, Veolia, Engie, Lisi Automotive, Atos, Decathlon, Air Liquide, Accor, Dassault Systemes, Fonroche, Alstom, Asteel Flash, Mecasoft
Teleperformance, Bostik, Centigon and CGP Coating.

French representation in Nuevo Leon

In order to have a closer presence with the State and its industries, France has bet on locating a Representative Office.  With this delegation is expected to bring embassy services closer to the Monterrey community and in addition open more cooperation resources in Monterrey, said Philippe Richou, chief of the France embassy office in Nuevo Leon.

Mexican – French Forum in Monterrey

Business France which is the support agency for international development of French companies and of promotion for international investment in France decided to use this representative office in the entity to promote businesses between both countries.

“It occurred to us that we had to do something in Monterrey, because forums are always held at Mexico City and, as we know, Nuevo Leon is economically important at a Mexican and international level.  We work on the event months before and the subjects we were going to address emerged little by little,” Richou explained.
The two axes addressed at the Forum were “Industry of the future and energy efficiency.”  According to Anne Grillo, France ambassador in Mexico, the country characterizes by an intensive economy in workforce that tries to achieve the Fourth Industrial Revolution to keep the sector as one of the main and more competitive worldwide.

In France the digital transformation model is called Alliance for the Industry of the Future and stands out for providing a place to companies’ human capital that is why this was one of the points to treat in the Forum, with the presence of the alliance for the industry of the future, group of companies’ leaders in the matter.

“Bilateral approaches took place in the event regarding these two subjects, in the first Mexican-French Forum of Business in the city of Monterrey participated the Chamber of Commerce and Mexican-French Industry, the government of the State of Nuevo Leon and the main actors of the regional ecosystem,” the ambassador said.

On the other hand, Richou highlighted that the French retinue observed that the State with the most elaborated and published strategy in a very voluntarist manner is Nuevo Leon, therefore the best venue to hold the Forum could not be another one but Monterrey.

“We previously went to the Ministry of Economy and Labor; we thought that the project was an axis to develop new ties between France and Nuevo Leon.  We visited industrial groups such as FEMSA, Alfa, Xignux, Quimmico, CEMEX, Vitro and Proeza, among others; they explained to us the vision they have about France; and then we studied their needs and saw how we could convince French companies on synergies with Nuevo Leon groups.  We better studied the Clusters, the Chambers in the entity and their complexities to take the information to the French industry that could have the idea of working in the State,” detailed the chief of the French office in NL.

At the Forum opening session was achieved to gather more than 200 people, among the guests were the professor part, the Government and companies.  “They decided to held the event at Parque Fundidora to noted that France wants to be more present in Nuevo Leon in the industrial area; the meeting was at the Pabellon Sopladores, what better than building the industry of the future with roots in industrial history,” the diplomat said.

Industry of the Future
The philosophy of France about projection for companies is the model of the Industry of the Future.  According to Philippe RIchou, chief of the office from the France embassy in Nuevo Leon, all countries have the need of implementing the new Industrial Revolution, but each one based on their needs, among them is the difference of business cultures, social situation they have and demography.
 “Regarding France digital transformation is clear; however, it is taken into account not to leave workforce behind, mainly of youngsters, since there is a high population in this sector,” said the official.

Some of the points this philosophy has is how to make digital transformation successful and include all the productive sectors; another axis is the energy efficiency, maybe the most common of all, since the country has leadership in green energy, as for 40 years they implement programs to live with little petroleum and less gas.

Companies participating at the Mexican – French Forum

Dassault Systemes was one of the companies that represented the Industry of the Future from France, this company derived from the aeronautical Dassault is dedicated to develop software specialized for 3D conception and PLM.  With information of the French office, this brand has links in Nuevo Leon within the framework of the project from the Center for Digital Innovation from PIIT.

Another participating company was Atos, with Mexican venue in Monterrey, which started manufacturing computers and its evolution has been increasingly towards computer services with more than one thousand workers in Nuevo Leon.
“During the event in Fundidora, Atos bet on showing its skills on big data and as an operator and expert of cybersecurity,” explained Philippe Richou.

While the Fives brand, is a factory of pumps and other machinery for the industry was present as a company which is part of the Alliance for the Industry of the Future in France.  In addition, companies as Engie, Capgemini, Suez, Saint Gobain and Metron, also joined the French representation at the Mexican – French Forum in Monterrey.