Nuevo Leon is one of the entities that have registered an important dynamism in the last years, mainly, encouraged by its industrial diversity and labor productivity.

Its proximity to the northern border, its human capital capability, infrastructure, logistics, and industrial diversification has positioned the entity as the ideal place for national and foreign companies begin or expand their operations. This is how that aiming to increase companies’ competitiveness that seeks settling or expand their presence in Nuevo Leon, Mexico or any other country, a group of Mexican businessmen gathered to create XI Development Group (XI-DG.)

This company provides comprehensive solutions at any stage companies require, those go from development, installation, to production plant operation.  Since project management, from facilities design, is fundamental for the future success of any production plant.

It is a group integrated by 12 companies: AP Fiscal, RGT Ingenieria, EIV Capital, M3, Objetivo Humano, RP Capital, Clean Faster, M360, SSM Sorting Solutions, CRG Metal Co., RAEMSA and Taripallets.

“We are three CEOs in the company.  The objective of creating this firm is to provide a comprehensive service to customers, it is important to highlight that we do not outsource and there are no markups.  We provide customers with a structural service directly as owners of these companies that integrate the group,” explained Jose Carduno, CEO of the XI Development Group.

This way, through XI Development Group (XI-DG) there is only one contact point associated with the entire project life with the authority to make decisions.

Regarding this, Rolando Arriaga, also CEO of XI Development Group, said that they are committing in reducing the complexity of companies internal processes, such as suppliers validation, contacts number, communication, among others.

In XI-DG they advise companies from development or their plant extension, offering different solutions and supporting throughout the entire process over controlled projects.

“We support them in the entire project management for the site development, by creating a concepts catalog or executing the civil work-construction, providing fiscal and legal advisory, structural and of infrastructure assessments or of engineering,” said Rolando Arriaga.

Currently, XI Development Group works with big triple-A companies in the Nuevo Leon market and in the Bajio region.

He explained that among this year plans they will consolidate about 5 to 10 projects emerging from a conception.

“We are in talks with a company, we visited a project in the United States, the idea is to support them from the building design conception to company operation; they already have a scenario where they will have 300 or 400 people in the first year, then we will fulfill the project to relocate the company, install the machinery, train operative people, run management strategies, thus, establish future operation,” said Rolando Arriaga.

Although this is a company coming from the United States to Mexico, they also advise companies willing to go from Mexico to another country.

According to Arriaga, he has worked on different comprehensive projects regarding human capital issues, logistics, relocation and machinery reinstallation, buildings design companies and buildings work, among others.

“We work from project conception to their business operation,” he underlined.

The advantage is that companies integrating this group will work interrelated and on a strategic manner comprehensive business models are created which reinforce projects’ competitiveness.

“We are removing the customer the outsourcing task, what benefits the company in productivity, quality and cost because it is not subrogating the service,” held Jose Garduno.


Among the factors and key elements determining the competitiveness of companies are productivity, qualified candidates attraction and retention, machinery and processes, continuous innovation and product quality, to mention a few.

The directive Rolando Arriaga explained that during the installation on site, despite if it is about machinery supply or electro-mechanic services (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) or if the personnel is required for any area in which the plant operates, this group provides solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

“With experience and national and international presence in machinery and services installation, we provide turnkey projects, designed with project management tools that guarantee satisfying companies’ needs,” noted Arriaga.

Likewise, in XI Development Group have more than 10 years of experience and national presence in personnel recruitment and selection.  Thus, through the use of structured processes assures companies providing suitable talent – on operative and administrative personnel – required in production plants.

They also have industrial cleaning services, relocation/installation of machinery, maintenance, sandblast process and paint, pallets and packaging, as well as inspection, rework and materials raffle.


Finally, Alejandro Gonzalez Gallegos, CEO of XI Development Group, talked about the group that works based on the lifecycle that allows strategically structuring the projects.

“We show the customer how we have to begin and which companies will work in this lifecycle, that is very important, then we go to step one, to step 2 and step 3, or As, Bs or Cs players, we tell them who will enter in A, who in B and in C,” he explained.