Micro Partes de Mexico was founded in 2006, but it was in 2009 when they began operations as the only Mexican company manufacturing fasteners and high-precision and engineering plastic components.

Micro Partes is a 110 % Monterrey company dedicated to the manufacture of such products, with a capability of three plants in which they fulfill their manufacturing processes, two of them are of plastic injection and one of them is for tooling manufacturing.

“We currently have production capabilities that rank from 60 tons to 200.  At this time we are working in a 60 % capability,” said Alan Zapata, manager of New Projects Development at Micro Partes

Regarding the destination of their products, Zapata shared that 13 % of their sales are sent abroad to countries such as Poland, Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, among others.

Micro Partes has a workforce of 30 people and also receives the support of indirect personnel in other services, continuously incorporating new elements before the sustained growth of the company.

“We have implemented new machinery, new equipment to have a wider range of products and services.  We manage our plastic fasteners injection, the service of special pieces development, customer customized pieces.  We manufacture tools for customers that require taking a mold for their production and 3D printing service for prototype issues; when someone wants to start a project we offer the manufacturing of this type of pieces for approval,” explained the manager.

Zapata added that Micro Partes will equip this June with new products, as they will start the manufacturing of corrugated hose for electronic and automotive use, which he considered as added value, as they will be able to offer it locally and substitute part of their import for national producers.

“Our raw material comes from different countries, some arrives from Brazil, others from the United States, we are talking about resin for the entire products manufacturing we fulfill in our facilities.  Micro Partes is the only 100 % company that manufactures such products in the country, we are a local option for these items supply,” he added.

Micro Partes opened their second injection plant in 2018, to face the increase of business and customers, what has provided them a 33 % growth, a positive result they expect to match or exceed during 2019.

“We are also working strong to enter and introduce ourselves in the automotive sector, we are looking for that opportunity as well as the same companies that have settled in Mexico, as although many times they bring some suppliers with them, they also require local supplies to manufacture their components or they need Mexican producers.  The automotive sector is coming strong for Micro Partes and also for the home appliances sector.  We are generating more innovations and new skills to be more competitive,” ended Zapata.


Name: Micro Partes
Number of employees: 30
Foundation: 2006
Matrix: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Origin of capital: Mexican
Activity:  Plastic Injection
Certification: ISO 9001:2015