Natural gas arrives to Linares’ industry


Companies inside the Linares Industrial Park will have natural gas supply service, after the opening of the valve that will supply this energy resource to four companies installed in the Park.

Gollek Interamericas, Sigma Alimentos Congelados, Franklin Electric and Vernell Industries, are the first companies that will be benefited with the natural gas supply from the Simsa valve, which is connected directly to the gas pipeline Los Ramones, opened a few years ago.

It is estimated that companies request an amount of one million cubic feet per day of an installed capacity of 17 million cubic feet per day.

According to calculations from the Ministry of Economy and Labor in the State (SEDET, by its Spanish initials) thanks to the natural gas supply, companies’ costs can be reduced up to 30 % regarding the use of LP gas in the production processes.

“It is also important that population in general is benefit and this is not only for the industry, there will be a domestic distribution network also throughout Linares and its surrounding areas, what will cost less for people and make them certain.  Obviously there will be more businesses and the small and medium enterprises will grow through the natural gas,” said Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, licensed governor of the state of Nuevo Leon.


New jobs are anticipated

While, Fernando Adame Doria, mayor of Linares, said that with the introduction of natural gas job creation will be trigged in the municipality.

“Linares has strongly changed in these last two years.  The startup, the arrival of gas natural to Linares was expected for too many years, more than 40, it will really make an important difference in the growth and development of our municipality,” he assured.

The mayor also highlighted the important role gas natural has in the creation of jobs in the populations; therefore they expect job offer increases in the municipality.

Linares currently has two industrial parks with a total of 500 hectares available for future industrial development.