After months of negotiation from the industrial sector with federal authorities and the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Chamber of the Transformation Industry achieved a decrement of up to 20 percent in electric tariffs.


Juan Ignacio Herrera, president of CAINTRA, detailed that the reduction for users of medium tension will be of 18 %, while for high tension consumers will be between 17 and 20 percent.


“This lowering of costs allows current tariffs return to those of past July.  This decrement adds to those registered between October and November, in which there was a small reduction of costs.”


The representative of the organism also said that although those adjustments are positive for the industry in general an additional reduction is required.  “We consider that it is necessary a 10 % to stabilize the tariff on levels obtained last June, what allows recovering efficient costs from CFE and be according to different international variables to reach a fair amount.”


On the other hand, he said that increases registered in 2018 were due to different problems on the design and implementation of the new methodology for calculation.  “Due to this error in design, CAINTRA, CONCAMIN and CCE worked with authorities from the CRE and an international advisory firm in the definition of a new tariff scheme for this 2019 with the idea of not repeating an error again in the formula and that happens what happened in 2018 with tariffs completely unbalanced,” said Herrera.