Index: welcomes the new labor law

During the framework of the National Labor Forum Index 2019, Luis Aguirre Lang, president of Index Nacional and Jesus Zarazua Perea, director of the Labor Committee of Index Nacional, said that the sector they represent which ads more than six thousand companies throughout the Country, it has always characterized by the total compliance of the Labor Law.

Aguirre Lang said that labor relations subject in this new framework has recovered peerless importance, mainly before a certain uncertainty world scenario due to Brexit (England) situation and the trade confrontation between the United States and China.  “From there that it was very important for us taking the lead in the new professional landscape,” he said.

The president of Index Nacional said that he also shares what the secretary of Labor and Social Security (STPS, by its Spanish initials,) Luisa Maria Alcalde Lujan, said during her speech in the Forum, by assuring “that it is a historic opportunity for Mexico to stake out the new labor affairs scheme, that drive to higher productivity and competitiveness in the country, within a framework of higher participative democracy and decision making, what has always existed in IMMEX companies.”

Aguirre Lang applauded the fact that Open Parliament sessions will take place in July, where points can be analyzed that have remain left out from the Labor Law.

Meanwhile, Zarazua Perea said that given the application of the new Labor Law they will be working in training on the subject and there will be constant communication and interrelation at every moment head on all actors, which are the Government, companies, and unions.  He also explained that another benefit arriving are oral trials in labor dispute since they will be more expedited and fairer against anyone who comments on any violation of the law.