Stands out in Business Development for the industrial sector

Gabriela Palomera Palomares graduated Architect from the Tecnologico de Monterrey and with a Diploma Certificate in Projects management, currently works as a Business Development Manager in the Northern Region for HASKELL.

“When I entered to HASKELL, the Business Development area was recently opened, so that the structure has been implemented with the support of my Bajio partner, with a continuous polish in prospection processes, CRM creation, establish effective formats, among other things,” said Palomera.

The architect explained that in HASKELL increases and trends by the industrial sector can be dimensioned to focus action in what is truly profitable for companies, without leaving behind the continuous search of new opportunities, such as incurring in Real Estate.

“As Business Developer Northeast Region, my functions include being continuously updated about the next thing to be executed; either from foreign investments, new developments, already established companies expansions, among others,” she added.

Regarding future projects, Gabriela assured she is interested in learning about the way the country grows dimensionally and economically, as that affects the type of developments landing on each region of Mexico.

“Northeast, for example, has a type of Industry already established, by its borders and industrial history and if we fulfill a comparative with the Bajio, definitively we will find considerable differences,” she deepen.

Regarding her working career, Palomera underlined that she started working in “Business Development” five years ago on a construction company, where her role  as commercial chief and the obtaining of private work projects have grown to not only have to relate with subcontractors and managers, but also with institutions such as the Ministry of Economic Development, Chambers and Clusters.

Finally, the architect recommended new generations to think in the word “challenge” as a synonym of learning, as he considered social changes as an identified and unavoidable constant.

“The social, cultural and technological environment is being substantially transformed and will continue generating, in turn, important changes in attitude and demand of any service consumers,” she ended.