Forecast for Mexico’s economic growth


Within the framework of the International Forum IMEF 2018 celebrated in Monterrey, the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives forecasted that despite the time of economic and political scenario the country is going through, Mexico will continue with a sustained growth rhythm, closing the year with an increase of 2.4 % in the GDP.  In case of Nuevo Leon, the finance institution calculates that the entity could reach a growth higher than 4 %, figure much higher than the rest of the country’s average.

Fernando Lopez Macari, president of IMEF, said that during the opening of the Forum investments will continue entering the country in sectors such as energy and real-estate for what is left of 2018, despite the renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement.

The directive added that it is usual that treaties and commercial agreements are updated and assured that although there are changes; the Mexican economy will continue increasing, as the United States economy is so large that it will continue potentizing the growth of countries such as Mexico.

“In Nuevo Leon is present a situation that local businessmen continue to invest in the entity and in the country, there is still some uncertainty in waiting for the resolutions of the NAFTA negotiations but businessmen continue working and planning their productive and commercial strategy,” said Hector Puente Segura, president of IMEF Monterrey.

At the Forum were lectured some conferences about topical issues for the industrial and finance sector of the country, among which highlighted: adapting manufacture 4.0 to Mexican industry; consolidation of the energy sector in Mexico; current situation of NAFTA negotiation; cybersecurity; and the political landscape of Mexico for the rest of 2018.