The SAT granted an Authorized Economic Operator world certification for Industrial parks for the first time to FINZA Guadalupe and FINSA Monterrey.

The intense process lasted a year, during those months the company was prepared for audits on its organization, processes, management and fulfillment of strict safety standards, FINSA in coordination with AMPIP and consultants “Ubicuity Services” and the “Asociacion de Empresas Seguras” with headquarters in Cali, Colombia, achieving being recognized as Reliable and Safe Operator in the supply chain.

OEA is a world program that since 2007 emerged from the SAFE Regulatory Framework, from the Customs World Organization and that incorporated in Mexico in 2012 being called “New Scheme of Certified Companies, NEEC,” being officially homologated afterwards as “Authorized Economic Operator, OEA.”

The accreditation has as an objective to shield foreign trade operations, through the management of operative risks, as well as strict safety processes in human talent management and selection of commercial partners, information technology security, surveillance systems, as well as elements and protocols for security control at industrial parks.

It is worth noticing that it was in 2014 when the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP, by its Spanish initials) started the negotiation with SAT to include Mexican industrial parks within the OEA scheme and it was in 2016 when DOF published the OEA profile for parks.