The company FAMA (Fabricacion de Maquinas, S.A. de C.V.) celebrated 76 years of foundation.  The company was born as a technological arm of grupo Vitro for the creation of IS machines and equipment for their member companies.

“FAMA was founded on February 11th 1943 by Don Adrian Sada Trevino, it was mainly focused on glass bottles production machinery and it sought for it to be a highly specialized company in commercial segment.

In Nuevo Leon the property land measures 258 thousand square feet and has another operations center in Toluca.

Currently, 590 people work in Monterrey, among operations and of management team.

The general direction of different industries is led by Jose Manuel Contreras, while Juan Francisco Garza is in charge of FAMA direction.

“For this year we have established goals, we are planning to continue with the construction of machines.  Each one of them has a process that goes from 4 to 6 months, depending on machine type.  We are designing a new machine with engineering 100 % FAMA, we also have pneumatic machines, servo pneumatic and full servo, which are the most standard in the market,” explained Sauceda,

The company has different market segments, one of them is the metalworking area, divided in foundering and machinery.

“We are currently working in other areas, such as automation of robots that goes from programming to the development of automated cells” the executive said.

Another segment is of Glass Containers, for the manufacturing of IS machines manufacture, moldings, engineer and automation services.  Still on the subject of diversification, there is another special area for architectonic and automotive glass, here we are working to generate processes that help improving glass pieces movement with equipment manufacturing, technical services and turnkey projects.

The company has certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 28000:2007, additionally is developing others for the environment.


FAMA exports to customers in the United States, in Central America to Costa Rica and in South America there are customers in Chile, Argentina.

“We are present in the entire American continent, the vision we have is to expand also to the European and Asian market.  We recently participate in Asia glassman, in which we show our new technologies for the manufacturing of glass,” detailed Jorge Sauceda.

Business diversification with its 3 market segments has make FAMA expand its customers portfolio, among them standout O-I, Tupy, Emhart, Flowserve, Anchor Glass, Powerbrace, Vichisa, Rigolleau, Sivesa, Fevisa, Ramsey among others.

The process for the production of a machine is a very complex subject, in which usually the customer is the one sending the specifications, different characteristics needed by their machine are seen and based on those a recommendation is made by FAMA, a proposal is made integrated by all the areas.

“At the moment of presenting a Project, all FAMA areas participate, from the engineering design area, manufacture, supplies, commercial area and logistics.  Always seeking to provide solutions to customer requirements,” explained Sauceda.




The company has an area specialized in research and development to apply technologies better, which has helped FAMA in the process of adaptation of industry 4.0.  “We are trying to apply Industry 4.0 completely, a clear example is in our machining centers, in order to have communication between the machine and the people from engineering, in order for those operating are notified about all the operation details,” said the executive.

The challenge in a short term, according to the executive, is to keep the growth line.  A clear example is the metallurgy sector which is the newest of all, the challenge will be to triplicate what was achieved last year.  Likewise, FAMA is seeking for a better development in robots automation and to have the same rhythm to continue with a sustained growth.