Expo Proveedores del Transporte 2019, the largest event in the transportation Industry in northern Mexico, was held from May 22nd to 24th in Cintermex; assembler plants participated, tows and bodywork manufacturers, as well as services rendered for transportation industry of cargo along with of passengers.

Before the importance of the event, more than 300 exhibiting companies were present and more than 10 thousand visitors attended the event, thus it had a periphery of 20,000 square meters.

Enrique Gonzalez Munoz, national president of CANACAR, explained that during the event opening the importance of Nuevo Leon for the transportation sector in Mexico, underlying the work of businessmen to keep commercial transportation fleet at the forefront.

“Companies in Nuevo Leon have a great way of working, are always Avant-grade and regarding the transportation sector is not the exception, many practices they fulfill are of excellence and an example for many others,” ended Gonzalez.

Regarding cargo transportation in Mexico, it has a very important role in the economic and business development throughout the country, as it performs a fundamental role in supply and production chains of important industrial sectors such as the automotive, home appliances, food, beverages, energy, among others.

Meanwhile, the general director of Navistar Mexico, Carlos Pardo Garcia, said that Mexico is among the 10 most important producers of class 6 to 8 trucks worldwide, leading the export of tractor trucks produced, highlighting Nuevo Leon as a leading entity in both matters.

“More than 70,000 trucks class 6 to 8 will be manufactured in the state during 2019.  90 % of produced tractor trucks will be exported to other countries, what places Nuevo Leon in the first position on national exports,” said Pardo Garcia, during the event.

According to recent data from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT, by its Spanish initials,) about 79 % of products in the country are transported by road, a figure reflected in about 2.5 million jobs in the auto-transportation sector and a contribution near 4.7 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)

Roberto Russildi, secretary of Economy and Labor in the state, underlined the importance of the sector for the national economy and said that about 83 % of the merchandise manufactured in the entity are transported and taken to its destination through cargo transportation.

Finally, throughout the exhibition attendees were offered with a cycle of conferences in important subjects for the auto-transportation sector.  Some of the most important subjects were the generational change in the human resources area; intelligence and safety applied on cargo transportation and the update on different standards and laws linked to the transportation industry in Mexico.