The professionalization program of ENLACE+ companies has opened its annual call to all Mexican entrepreneurs willing to grow and promote their business.

It is about a professionalization program of companies that have as an objective to promote Mexican ventures, linking entrepreneurs with the experience of a Consultative Advice, commercial relations and the capital for the development of its business skills.

With 11 venues and the support of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, ENLACE+ has developed more than 320 companies and is betting to continue actively contributing to the country’s growth.

Until July 31st, 2019 ENLACE+ opens its annual call, where they will choose those companies with the highest potential to become a success referent in Mexico and, this way, support them through its company’s professionalization program that lasts 30 months.

The requirements to participate in the call are having an already established company; operate under an innovative business model and with growth potential; generate annual sales higher than two million pesos, and having at least two years operation.

Companies interested in participate will fulfill their registry at and, in case of being preselected, will receive a visit in their company, they must perform pre-selection interviews and attend the Selection Committee, where participants will have the opportunity to exhibit their company before members of the Committee, that will decide which companies will be part of the program.

This program costs 260,000 MXN plus VAT and 35 100 % of scholarships will be granted with higher potential to generate a positive impact in Mexico.

ENLACE+ was founded in 2008 by businessmen Rogelio Zambrano, Jose Wapinski, Enrique Gomez Junco and Alberto G. Villarreal in Monterrey, with the purpose of encouraging the economic growth of the country.