Nuevo Leon has the ideal conditions to develop spaces to generate renewable energy on its territory.


According to Jorge Gorozpe, director of Promotion of Energy, the wind gusts in the entity make Nuevo Leon an attractive space for the settlement of companies generating clean energy.


“In addition of the weather conditions to place a green energy project, there has to be a node where you can be connected, as well as suitable roads.  The State has to have an infrastructure and the neighboring regions also to move containers with pieces,” explained the director of Promotion of Energy.


Gorozpe mentioned as example the municipality of Galeana, as he assured that due to its extension several renewable projects could be build.


“The municipality is near the roadway 57; moreover the area as a warm temperature ideal for the installation of solar panels.  In the entity we have good access for the containers through the city of Tampico and of Houston; another important issue to be noticed is safety, since investors deliver a bit equipment for the construction of wind power parks and that prefer to be settled in Nuevo Leon rather than in Tamaulipas, and that intervenes in order for projects be located in the region,” he explained.




The industrial sector in Mexico is the second energy consumer.  Among the benefits the use of renewable energies offers to the Nuevo Leon economy, highlights the strengthening of the manufacture sector, the savings of resources for companies and benefits for the environment.


The integration of renewable energies, as wind power, to the manufacture process of maquila and manufacturing companies allows them not only reduce the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, it is also a factor that encourages companies’ competitiveness, as it is important having certifications as Clean Industry and Environmental Quality that endorse as optimum the environmental practices.


Likewise, plants are always seeking the reduction of expenses; therefore companies such as Schneider Electric have already placed their own solar field with which they reduce up to 20 % of the total energy consumption for its two buildings in Apodaca.



According To the directive, and based in data from the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE, by its Spanish initials) there are three wind power projects operating in Nuevo Leon, two in construction and two more are about to start works.


“Eolica Santa Catarina is already in activity and had an investment of 44 million pesos; Ventika I and Ventika II each one represents and investment of 252 million pesos and are of Spanish capital; while that the Central Dolores is about to start works, representing an expense of 300 million pesos with capability of 265 gigawatts; and Eolice with a capital of 80 million pesos and with capability of 40 gigawatts.  Likewise, there are two being build, one wind power project of self-sufficiency which represents an investment of 100 million pesos and Eolica Mezquite of 500 million pesos,” detailed Gorozpe.


Meanwhile Betsabe Rocha Nieto, technical secretary and committed in the broadcasting and promotion of the energy sector, said that the projects before the CRE can take up to five years in be officially placed and during this time the owner can be changed up to six times and also modify their name continuously.


“When the project is concreted there has to be considered that processing can take up to a year and the construction from 1 to 2 years, depending on its complexity.  Frequently we have businessmen explore which are interested in investing in the State and that came to be informed about the region infrastructure and of the neighboring zones therefore the logistic we manage is very important.”

Jorge Gorozpe, director of Promotion of Energy, highlighted that Nuevo Leon is in the top 5 in wind power energy projects.


The director also remembered that Mexico has to fulfill with a percentage of clean energies, in particular homes, companies or small businesses because this is how is settled at the Energy Reform


“As final user there has no report to be made in savings with the Clean Energies Certificate (CEL, by its Spanish initials) annually to the authorities, but the company providing the service has to declare the use of green energy that in a year is of 5 % and it seeks to increase it over the years to reach 50%,” he said.



Regarding solar energy projects, in Nuevo Leon there is only one of French capital, which has 35 megawatts and an investment of 104 million pesos, this solar panels company is located in the municipality of Galeana.  “For the placement of these panels a larger area than in the wind power facilities is needed.  In Nuevo Leon, the solar energy approach is distribution generation, this means, there are not solar energy projects, but regarding the placement of particular panels the State is in the top 10, due to there is too much concentration of the DAC tariff,” Gorozpe assured.

According to the Ministry of Energy Promotion, the benefits in the installation of this kind of energies in the State are the big spaces that some municipalities have, in addition that the region is not a desert where due to dirt, panels turn less effective, radiation is strong but the weather is temperate, therefore the capability of generating energy is better than in other entities.



As time passes by panels have decreased its cost in the market due to there are more suppliers distributing them and demand in homes and industries has grown therefore savings are reflected individually.


“Right now we are developing together with the Energy Cluster, a project for the hydrocarbon and electronic area.  The sector is new; therefore we will collect information to know how many suppliers are in the State and mark the map; all this to present this to interested businessmen.  The plan is to help no certified suppliers to be accredited and with this achieve adding them to the value chain of any company,” said Jorge Gorozpe, director of Promotion of Energy.



The Energy Cluster of Nuevo Leon, that started activities in 2016, mostly initially housed hydrocarbons companies and it is currently growing in the electric part, especially in the generation of clean energies.


“We are creating a work committee lead by Roger Gonzalez, from Cemex Energy, he will take the wheel to align companies having an economic activity in the issue,” assured Fernando Rodriguez Tovar, general director of the Energy Cluster in Nuevo Leon.  He noticed that although the State has enough resources in the renewable energies area more can be still developed.  “We have a good alliance with the CRE and the National Center of Energy Control (CENACE,) ASEA and CENAGAS; we are also initiating an innovation process with the Ministry of Energy (SENER, by its Spanish initials) although more promotion is needed, as it was said by our partners; announcing what we are doing in a business level and of population,” said Rodriguez.  Cemex Energia was chosen to command the pilot program, since according with the general director is one of the most representative companies that dabbled in clean energies and supply.


The general director anticipated that a supply event will be held in October for all members and those interested in renewable energies.


“For example, the three most important manufacturing clusters in the entity wish to reduce costs by buying cheaper energy and what better if it comes from clean energies.”


Some companies that will be part of the Committee will be Cemex, Siemens, Enicon, Central Electrica Pesqueria, RIMMSA, Iberdrola, Schneider Electric, CFE, Tecma and Sepisa, although companies not dedicated specially to this area can also join, such as Frisa.


Finally, Rodriguez said that some of the companies integrating the Cluster and that could be part of the mapping that the Energy Cluster and the Direction of Energy Promotion of Nuevo Leon will be fulfilling.


“When we start with the recognition of the companies we will have to know the national demands and the state supply offer,” ended Fernando Rodriguez Tovar, general director of the Energy Cluster of Nuevo Leon.