Italian companies from sectors such as aerospace, energy, automotive and manufacturing were interested in exploring investment opportunities in Nuevo Leon, said the Ministry of Economy and Labor (SEDET, by its Spanish initials) in the state after a commercial mission held by that European country to Mexico.


The director of Foreign Investment from the Ministry of Economy and Labor, Hector Tijerina, explained that during the commercial mission celebrated from July 11th to 13th 2018, they held important meetings with the objective of positioning Nuevo Leon as an attractive destination to invest and do business.


In Milan, during a meeting with Cofindustria, organism from the private initiative that represents more than 13 thousand companies in Italy, agreed to promote Nuevo Leon among its members who are exploring to expand in some country in North America.


On the other hand, in Rome, the most important aerospace company in Italy, Leonardo, is interested in developing investment projects in Mexico and is considering Nuevo Leon as one of the strongest options.


In the Lombardy region, recognized as one of the four economic pillars in all Europe, were held several meetings with important companies from the automotive sector, underlining the visit fulfilled to the global corporate of the company Brembo.

There are currently 98 companies of Italian capital operating in Nuevo Leon, among which highlight Brembo, Techint, Colorrobia, SIT Manufacturing, Vitre, among others.


Recently the Federal Government and the Italian strengthen ties and agreed to continue working together to promote the growth of both countries.  In addition of the Italian presence in Nuevo Leon, it is estimated that in the Bajio region and the center of the country, operate more than 1,900 companies with Italian capital.  The officials’ delegation was integrated by Hector Tijerina, director of Foreign Investment and Nallely Garza, coordinator of European Investment from the Ministry of Economy and Labor in Nuevo Leon.