CMIC NL and State Government promote labor inclusion


Through a series of actions, the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry in Nuevo Leon (CMIC NL, by its Spanish initials) will encourage labor inclusion among its members, as part of integration strategies that belong to the labor plan of the current presidency of the organism.


Among such actions, CMIC NL observes the remodeling project of their offices in which reconfiguration of the access will be a priority and other type of adjustments that facilitate the interaction with the building of people with disabilities.


According with INEGI statistics, almost 6 % of the people in Mexico have some disabilities, of which 68 % has an income and only 40 % of that percentage obtains a wage from some private company, the rest from some pension, social program of the Government or charity.


“The Chamber is developing a study about accessibility in their facilities, which results will be helping us to redefine the infrastructure with the objective of our facilities being more inclusive,” said Jose Francisco Guajardo Valdez, president of CMIC Nuevo Leon.


In addition, together with the Ministry of Economy and Labor in the State, the Chamber fulfills of Organizational Labor Inclusion Diploma Certificate, which takes place of February 14th to June 6th this year, explained Guajardo.


Such diploma certificate has within the main topic subjects as diversity, inclusion or labor innovation, legal aspects related with disability, groups in vulnerable conditions and groups considered in special cases, among other subjects.


During the Second Activities Report of the directive committee, the president of CMIC Nuevo Leon explained to the members of the Chamber that this type of actions belong to one of the priorities of his administration, which is quality companies formation.


On the other hand, Guajardo said that during his second month as president of the Chamber and also as part of the other ruling axis of the work plan, 26 meetings were held with state and federal officials, with the objective of solving the needs of companies that integrate the guild.