During its tenth annual conference of Ethics and Fulfillment for Carrier Mexico Suppliers and UT; companies, directors and executives were recognized who dedicate their time, efforts and resources to implement better practices, that besides benefit their relation with UT and Carrier Mexico, transcend in the remaining business they fulfill.

The awarded companies were Brazeway, Broad Ocean, Calmet Industrial, Danfoss, DISITEMTecnologias de Informacion, Estrosa, Fanasa, Frigus Bohn, IDTECAutomatizacion, Industrial Mexicana, Kayak Packaging, Kentek, Macor de Mexico, Madereria Nasa, Meisa, Mesa, Papelera Principado, Quimobasicos, RIISA, Rodaleon, Standard Register, Servicio Tecnico Especializado, Sultana, Tecnotube, Troquelados y Laminados and TMP.

At the celebration message for the 10 years of having implemented the program, panelists underlined that placing ethics at front of every company is a seed that has grown achieving to reach a strong tree and of big roots, which allow businesses to progress in a reliable and suitable manner with all links of the chain.

In his speech, Chris Boccaccio, executive director of CCS, said that the values are the same around the world regardless in which place people are.  “We believe that with the implementation of the daily life values a better world can be made.  Our organization is centered on the customer, we have the most advanced technology in the world, and mainly we have integrity in all our processes, we are base on truth and in the strong commitment with our customers,” said the businessman.

Confidence, integrity, respect and excellence are only some of the universal values Boccaccio underlined, which, he said, expects that as the company sets them on practice, he expects suppliers share the same principles.
“It does not matter if it is something simple or hard, it does not matter if nobody is watching us we have to set ethics first.  We prefer losing business that commits our values because we trust our suppliers’ base,” said Chris.

On the other hand Sebastian Hass, director of operations at Carrier Mexico, announced a new program that will be launched with the bases of those already established such as working with ethics.
“We wanted to launch a comprehensive program that includes 360 grades, this is the three programs already in operation and that through them work is done in the future; where there is training, promotion and there is a committee assigned that provides follow-up to the ethics program.  Ethics sounds easy but it is not when we reach crossroads, when there is pressure or certain results have to be delivered, it is there when we face the decisions that lead us to take them with these values,” said Hass.

The director of operations of Carrier Mexico assured that in research and in practice the most recognized brands worldwide standout for marketing, pricing, quality; however, ethics is the most important thing because with it, Hass said that brands have a promise of delivering the products with the highest quality possible.