IIndustrias Plasticas NYC, S.A. de C.V. it is a 100 % Mexican company, which focuses in the manufacturing of sports and outdoors products, which seek to ease the transportation and food preservation and cold and/or hot beverages, thus was detailed by the general director of the company, engineer Nicolas Yga Cantu.


The company was founded by his father in 1990, being distinguished by the quality of products and the delivery times.  The plant located in the municipality of San Nicolas has 10,000 square meters and 265 workers.  While they have commercial offices in Mexico City, in which 12 people work and in Colombia they settled another of customer service for their clients.


The company has two divisions: the one of consumption – which are NYC brand items distributed in channels such as self-service, wholesaling to warehouses, hardware stores, gift shops, convenient stores and catalogue sales – and with the promotional division which fulfills sales to important brands mainly for promotion and advertising for segments such as movie theaters, festivals, concerts, sports clubs, Formula 1, the Olympics, World Cups, Stadiums, among other kind of events.


In NYC are manufactured 250 products and there is a production of 10 million pieces per year.  “At the consumption division there are 10 products that highlight such as the 2 liters term and the 48 quarts cooler used for bbqs; at the promotional part the star products are the coffee refill thermos or the children glasses for restaurants,” the engineer explained.



Since the company started in 1990 different successes have been registered despite there have also been crisis, assured the director, who cleared that in the last three years there has been a growth between 20 to 50 percent.

Sales done are in the entire Republic and are also exported to more than 12 countries, among them are to mention a few the United States, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc.

Exports are of 15 % of the company’s global sales, although they expect to reach a 25 or 30 % in a short term and on middle term to reach a 50 % in exports.



The mission of the company is to facilitate the transportation of cold and hot beverages creating different experiences with each one of its products; while the vision of NYC is to be present in the entire national market, as well as international in Central America, South America and the United States.


Employees and values

To achieve a good development and integration within the company, there is training provided in general to the operations area, as well as basic molding courses for injection and blow extrusion.

“We have training for the engineering area which are technical courses specialized in injection, materials courses such as plastic and steel; industrial designers are trained in software specialized in 3D; the assembly and printing area have high performance equipment to help them optimize the process, therefore they are taught courses to better integrate to the equipment.  In addition, the psychological part of each employee is worked,” Yga said.


The engineer mentioned that values as job passion, family, teamwork, responsibility, perseverance and loyalty are part of the company since it started operations.


Additionally, the company is supported by recognitions from its customers and one of them is “Quality Award.”  Likewise, they have the commitment with the environment; therefore they were named “Socially Responsible Company.”


“We constantly have audits from important companies which request us having special cares, therefore we use materials not harmful for the health, this means, ecologic materials,” he noted.