The aeronautic Industry has being growing for several years at a rate of  10% 

This year the aerospace sector in Nuevo Leon bets on including companies from the manufacture sector, thus was announced by Carlos Ramirez, president of the organism during the 10th General Meeting in which were present the industrial members of the Aerocluster Monterrey and special guests from the Government.


“I believe that in order to be in the same range of States in the country we must open a new door for the Aerocluster by integrating the advanced manufacturing sector, thinking that we can prepare these companies to be potential suppliers of the aeronautic industry in a future and be transversal companies in the other sectors that demand manufacturing services, whether automotive, home appliances, energy, among others,” said Carlos Ramirez, president of the Monterrey Aerocluster, assuring that this is the main challenge they are facing.


Ramirez added that the Aerocuster Monterrey is a potential hotbed of potential suppliers for the industry and underlined that currently the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA by its Spanish initials) created a program where there are solutions to the petitioners’ needs


The aeronautic Industry has being growing for several years at a rate of 10 % and according with the expert this trend will continue increasing; in the following years 20 thousand new commercial airplanes will be needed, without counting private airplanes, as well as the ones obtained by the National Ministry of Defense.


“This demand of new airplanes causes that the current supply chain is not enough, opening a path to improve competitiveness in companies and the development of the assemblers in order to achieve a supply chain that could satisfy the future demand; not only companies assembling and delivering a final product, but that there exists an added value,” Ramirez emphasized.


He explained that although it is a priority sector, last year there were sales of 8 million dollars with imports of 7 billion dollars, with a value increase from 15 to 17 percent.


Ramirez assured that the sum of parts will be beyond of individualizing efforts, the human talent factor is fundamental.  “The academy participation in forming new talents will be essential and the challenge is to prepare them in maximum three years for them to enter into the aeronautic industry briefly,” he said.


The executive director of the Aerocluster Monterrey, Claire Barnouin underlined that the integration of the activities spectrum towards the advanced manufacturing sector is the largest commercial strategy from 2017 and of the current year.  “Last year we did an approaching job mainly to small and medium companies dedicated to the machining process, but that do not work for the aerospace sector; they are SMEs that have not joined any organization and we as an Aerocluster offer to embrace them, so they can participate in the projects and have access to the shared information.”


He added that in 2017 in linking terms more broadcasting was generated regarding the performance of the organism.  “We held two commercial missions, one in Chihuahua to know companies dedicated to the aerospace sector and of advanced manufacturing, in addition of having a closest relationship with them; the second visit was to Queretaro.  All this additional to the events in which we usually participate.”


Work plan for 2018


During the Meeting, the Aerocluster Monterrey presented its projects to be worked this year in which was highlighted that it will continue promoting the value proposal, which is based in five main pillars which are management, production, linkage, representation and training.


They explained that there will be five work committees that will serve the human talent, manufacturing, the MRO-Aviacion, social responsibility and energy efficiency; the work plan will be based in three priorities: value generation, in which they will be seeking for a larger collaboration and confidence among partners; the sectorial data that will be updated to facilitate the promotion of the area, its aerospace sector and of advanced manufacturing.


“This year will be very productive, thanks to the work and participation in group; we will be starting the work committees with the new members,” said the president of the Aerocluster Monterrey, Carlos Ramirez.


According to data from the executive director of the Aerocluster Monterrey, Claire Barnouin, it is estimated that between 12 and 15 companies will be affiliated which are dedicated to manufacture.  “Probably others will be entering, but they will be from another sector, such as the services sector which does not manufacture, but that distributes or represents a company.”


“Currently, we are about 35 members and in approximate percentages the companies inside the Monterrey Aerocluster will be 50 % of companies linked to manufacture, 40 % are aerospace and 10 % of services.  Last year we had new members, a couple of divisions that manage aerospace products, another two companies from the MRO sector that provide maintenance services at the del Norte Airport; a company of chemical coverages, which is in process of certification by the aerospace sector,” the director ended.