As part of its initiative to encourage and train personnel from the maquila sector in the State, Index Nuevo Leon held their Customs Maritime Operation Tour 2019 on May 2nd and 3rd, in Manzanillo Port, Sinaloa; where they had the opportunity of interacting with the port community to learn more about operations directly from authorities.


The meeting was attended by member company directors, foreign trade executives, customs and logistics from the Export Industry of the Index Occidente Community.


The visit to Manzanillo is part of the program “Subete al Barco” (Get on board) of Index, which offers some logistic advantages such as time reduction in goods clearance process, from 24 to 36 hours; costs reduction in storage, maneuvers, custody and delays; and speed up clearance service.


The program Subete al Barco seeks promoting the development of different special economic areas, mainly through ports with a direct entrance and exit of products for the manufacturing sector.  It is inspired on a similar Quality Brand implemented some years ago in Barcelona.


The program has as an objective to include the best amount of high manufacture companies IMMEX possible and already has the participation of important companies.


This time it was attended by 14 attendees in the visit, from companies such as Equipo Automotriz Americana, Haldex, Katcon, Mekra Lang, Nitto Denko, SIT de Monterrey, Steris, Mondi and Index Nuevo Leon.


About Manzanillo:


The port of Manzanillo is the main receiver of products and goods originally from Asia.


The main exports of Mexico leaving through such port have as destination Asian and South American countries.

It is calculated that about 40 % of total exports leaving that port arrive in Asia.