Mexico’s Top Manufacturers Awards (MTM) 2019 will be held the for the first time in Mexico, this contest was created by Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA) and Trade Show Consulting LLC (TSC,) which seeks recognizing companies with the best business practices of different industries.

In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Marcela Ordaz, Latin America Director of Fab Tech Mexico and Monica Trevino, Sales Director of Tradeshow Consulting, explained that the industries invited to participate are from automotive, aerospace, of steel, electronics industries among others.

The contest has an evaluation of 67 online questions about different aspects and industry areas: productivity, automation, supply chain, lean manufacturing practices, organizational aspects of customer satisfaction, human resources, industrial security and environmental initiatives.

Registration to the contest has no cost and those interested have until December 14th to register and answer the questions.  Jury will announce the finalists on February 2019 and the awarding ceremony will be held in Cintermex, at Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on May 6th, 2019.

Contest link is the following:

“Our interest is for plants to become more productive and competitive nationally.  By awarding the plants, we encourage them to review their processes, analyze what they are doing well and see who can be the winner.”

Contest organizers anticipated the participation of one hundred companies; up to now 25 have been registered.

An important aspect is that once the jury chose a winner, companies will receive general feedback to improve aspects to participate again next year.  Jury is integrated by active and past members from the directive council of the American Chamber of Commerce, located in Mexico and in the United States.