Corporacion de Occidente, company responsible of Blackstone Tires manufacturing, currently has a production near the 20,000 tiers per day, with 150 different measures for passenger vehicles and light trucks.


“Blackstone Tires is the only 100 % Mexican tire.  This is a very important value because we claim what Mexico has done, it has world quality.  Regarding the pneumatic subject safety has to be thought.  This is the main value of the company,” said Jesus Torres Nuno, president of the cooperative.


The company works under the business model of a cooperative, therefore each worker is considered a partner.  “This company is sui generis, because the ones manufacturing the tires are the owners of the business,” said Torres Nuno.


Corporacion de Occidente started operations as such on February 2005.  It has its roots as a union of the company Euzkadi.  After Continental took the reins of the company, it was negotiate to grant 50 % of the plant assets to the union, for this it decided to become a cooperative society, to assume the goods.


Torres Nuno remembers that on June 7th 2005 was when the first tire was produced after starting formal operations, when the forecast for the first production after the rehabilitation of the plant was of six more months.


“Since that June 2005 we have produced more than 35 million tires in this Factory, mainly commercialized to the United States with growing markets in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile,” said the president of the cooperative, in addition of mentioning that they are exploring other destinations in Central America.


In 2008 the cooperative made a strategic alliance with Cooper Tires.  From there, about 35 % of the production remains in the national market and the rest is exported.


The industrial building settled in the municipality of El Salto, Jalisco, measures more than a kilometer long and includes about 90,000 square meters.  “The territorial reserve we have at the plant is of approximately 640,000 square meters; we are talking about one of the largest factories in Jalisco,” the directive said.


He assured that quality is a priority issue for the company; therefore they have certifications ISO 9000 and INMETRO.  Likewise they have the Distinctive Inclusive Company Gilberto Rincon Gallardo and in 2012 received the Award Jalisco Export.


“We are glad of being a company that protects the environment.  We have a water treatment plant, the entire consumption in our company it is treated and used for irrigation.  We pour zero water liters to the river, neither contaminated nor clean,” said Jesus Torres.



More Information:


Number of members: 1,200

Start of operations: February 5th 2005

Capital: Mexican

Activity: Automotive manufacture

Facilities: 90,000 square meters