Starting as entrepreneurs in the Information Technologies world, was not easy for Unosquare, company leader in software development in Mexico, the United States and Northern Ireland, which recently reached 10 years and they celebrated it together with their team.

Mario Di Vece, founder and president of the distribution council talked about how difficult it was to start in 2009 together with his founder partner Michael Barret, they have more than 600 workers today and their main offices are in Guadalajara.

“We had rough times during the first four years, we had debts up to the limit, we were about to boom and fortunately slowly we make it through a bad situation, there were many situations that we wanted to stop and close this; however, with time and a structuration and growing income we were able to manage and make it through, we continue and very valuable people joined our team, until 2016 and 2017 we began structuring the company with more formality,” the businessman said.

Giancarlo Di Vece, general director of Unosquare talked a Little about the star service, and that is distributed general software development

“General services, we make everything from software development, complete projects to a service we call Distributed Agile Augmentation, basically the extension of our customers’ equipment on a distributed manner, and it is used in software development, we have people here, in Ireland and in the United States, working tougher to develop a single platform or application, that is our main development.  We are also working with IoT, sensors, and platforms,” detailed the CEO.

Giancarlo underlined the scouting work looking for human talents that go from recent graduates to more trained engineers, professionally encouraging them.

“It is a vision, bringing opportunities close to all the communities where we do business, approaching those opportunities to the people we could have in different areas, we have operations here and in Northern Ireland, in the United States, we bring those opportunities closer through what we do to the almost 600 collaborators in the company,” he noted.