Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision


Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision company dedicated to the manufacturing of precision piping for the automotive industry is present in Jalisco to serve the needs of its customers worldwide.


For their elaboration, the steel tubes go through a meticulous cold-drawn process.  They are used in Steering systems, air buffers and transmission shafts and another structural chassis parts.  Likewise they have application in other areas from mechanical engineering and energy sector, among others.


In the framework of its tenth anniversary in Mexico, the company approved an expansion of its plant, to constitute the building that will be housing a new production line in 10 thousand square meters adjacent to the industrial building that they already have which is of 15 thousand square meters.


This expansion, which is supported by with an investment of 30 million euros, it will be in force at the beginning of 2019.  As Clemens Stewing, CEO of Grupo Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision, this is an example of the confidence that the company has in its Mexican venue, thanks to the high quality of the human talent work.


“With this investment we will provide the plant with an industrial building and modern production machines.  Thus we seek expanding our participation in the market up to 20 percent,” he said, in addition of that the workforce will reach 420 people by the end of this stage.  With this, Mexico will become the largest production plant of the company outside of Germany.


The products offer will be expanded to produce tubes for other segments, as cardan rows, camshafts and thick wall tubes for the stabilizers line.  The capacity of production will increase to 34 thousand tons.


Regarding this, Heinrich Cloren, executive sales director from Grupo Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision, highlighted that Mexico is an important step within the internationalization strategy of the company.


“For us is fundamental to be present in Mexico, because we consider it a very important market in the automotive industry.  With this new investment we are duplicating our capacity to manufacture products completely new,” he said.


The directive mentioned that in addition of the relation with the world automotive industry is intimate, since that about 70 percent of the total production of the company is focused in this sector.  In Mexico, this amount is practically of 100 percent.


Meanwhile, Jose Manuel Sanchez Zubieta, director of finance and company management, is confident in that this new stage of the company will allow them to be projected “as the best precision carbon steel tubes production company in North America and the best option for our customers.”


Number of workers: 370

Start of operations: 2007

Facilities: 15 thousand square meters

Activity: manufacture

Capital: German