GPV arrives to Guadalajara to satisfy the North American market


The company seeks to be a global leader as a manufacture services provider of the electronic industry


In November 2016, the Danish company GPV Group dedicated to the design and manufacture of solutions in electronics, mechanics and mechatronics for the industry settled in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Before arriving to Mexican soil, the company already had 4 production plants in Thailand and Denmark, in addition of the headquarters is in the European country.


Bo Lybæk, Company’s CEO, shared in an interview that in the past few years, GPV Group has gained relevance in the North American market, therefore it was natural and imperative to grow into this side of the world, strengthening its global presence now in three different time zones.


“It made sense to grow our company in America, taking into account the needs of our clients.  The main objective of establishing an office here to serve the market of the United States and Canada,” said Bo Lybæk, although he noted that the Central America and local market could result of interest in a second stage.


Among four potential cities, the decision was made of settle in Guadalajara due to its industrial ecosystem, especially the one dedicated to electronics and high technology, conditions that have given it the nickname of the Mexican Silicon Valley.  Likewise it was taken into account the university network in the area.


Globally GPV Group serves more than 300 clients from different activities and is integrated by 1,200 employees, 75 of them work at the plant in Guadalajara, same that includes more than 5,500 square meters located in the Pinar Empresarial Industrial Park.


However, the company has been characterized since the beginning for implementing growing strategies in a short, medium and long term, therefore the Jalisco headquarters is projected to employ about 350 people towards 2020; a year before is anticipated an expansion of this same plant to occupy 1,500 square meters more.


Likely, the first semester of 2017 has resulted in an increase of more than 28 % of income in comparison with 2016, mainly thanks to the job fulfilled by the plant in Guadalajara, same that has forefront technology on its production lines.


Served Industries


The technologies developed by the company are grouped in 4 main areas: marine and defense, cleantech, medical equipment and instrumentation for the industry. The plant in Guadalajara specializes in these last two, shared Bo Lybæk.


Aiming to satisfy the medical sector, especially the one located in the United States and Canada, the Guadalajara headquarters has certifications that support optimum processes of production, as well as best practices strategies.


Meanwhile, one of the competitive advantages of GPV Group to serve the instrumentation and Industry segment is its flexibility to offer solutions to large companies as well as SMEs highly specialized on their field.


High level Human Resources


One of the Danish corporate strategies is to consolidate their program of talent manufacture, aiming to attract highly qualitied youngsters for the industry and train them on the company’s areas of interest.


“Many companies can buy the equipment we have.  It is the people who make the difference.  The results only are achieved through the people.  We have been fortunate of being able to hire very qualified personnel here in Mexico,” he said.


More information:  GPV started its operations in 1961.  Through the years, the company grew and absorbed smaller companies, which led it to consolidate as the most important manufacture services provider of the electronic industry (EMS) in Denmark.


More information 2: The company was acquired in 2016 by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co., which is also of Danish origin.