The Technical Committee of Expo Guadalajara ended the period led by Alejandro Moreno Perez with positive figures during the period 2017-2019, now is the turn of Guillermo Cervantes Fernandez for the cycle 2019-2021, who has the challenge of continue keeping the fairground as the best in Latin America for corporate events.


Among the main projects fulfilled through the management of Moreno Perez, are the culinary and of cocktail areas as Distrito Tapatio and Distrito Cantina, lobbies 1, 2 and 4, Ingreso B, Services Modules, lifting platform for people with disabilities, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Salon Mexico Connectivity, which was opened on March 27th 2019, in addition of the platform of Artificial Intelligence Security with video surveillance.


“Expo Guadalajara closed 2017 with the fulfillment of 267 corporate meetings, 21 congresses and 83 exhibitions, adding a total of 371 events.  In 2018, 403 corporate meetings were held on the enclosure, 21 congresses and 87 exhibitions, reaching a total of 511 events.  As reference we had 240 events in 2016 and 511 in 2018, this equals 112 % growth,” said the former president of Expo Guadalajara on his final report.


Moreno Perez underlined that the growth in corporative events results from the new culinary establishments that prevent attendees leave the enclosure.



“In contrast with 2017, in 2018 the segment with the highest growth in number of meetings are corporate events, which resulted in the use and promotion of the culinary area; the increase was of 55.6 %.  As components of direct spend, it is estimated that each visitor spends 3,789.67 pesos average to attend one event and that each exhibitor invested an average of 125,172.29 pesos for participating on an exhibition.  Committees invested, average, 1,288,018.21 pesos in organizing an event,” he explained.


Alejandro Moreno also underlined the growth in general attendance and in the economic revenue inside the expo.


“During 2017, a total of 2,019,506 visitors and 17,174 exhibitors were registered.  This lead the enclosure to generate 18,550.09 million pesos of economic revenue.  In 2018 was again achieved exceed this mark, adding a total of 511 events and registering 20,201.4 million pesos of economic revenue,” he held.



Meanwhile, Guillermo Cervantes Fernandez sworn in as new president of the Technical Committee 2019 – 2021 of Expo Guadalajara, who took the commitment of continue promoting the enclosure.


“Expo Guadalajara is more than a physical space, it is the core part of this city, the mas important thing are the success stories that have place here and that have projected our city not only in Mexico, but around the world,” he said.


He noticed that the people of Jalisco have to remember that they are preferred by several organizations and companies in Mexico and that internationally to organize their congresses, conventions or exhibitions due to the city’s many qualities.


“In addition to the city’s infrastructure and of this premises, the chose us for our people, their warmness, hospitality, spirit and service of our people, beauties and unique traditions in our region, they make us the undisputed bastion of Mexico, this is the main asset we have in Expo Guadalajara,” he said.


Finally, Cervantes thanked the work of more than 300 collaborators in Expo Guadalajara.