The French company Saverglass, dedicated to the manufacture of high range glass bottles, opened its production plant at the Jalisco Logistics Center, in Acatlan de Juarez, Jalisco, with an investment of 120 million dollars.


This plant is the first factory of the firm in the continent and chooses Jalisco due to its strategic location; from here, it distributes in Mexico and also exports to the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.


Within a record time the industrial building was finished which includes 24 hectares, it has a furnace that melts glass at more than 1,500 grades Celsius which are afterwards transformed in Premium bottles.


The plant has four production lines, which currently have the capability of manufacturing 85 tons per year that translates in 120 million bottles per year.  To reach this objective 380 Mexican and 20 French employees are needed.


According to the company, the Factory has space to settle another two foundry furnaces, which in a future will allow triplicating the production.


In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Loic Quentin de Gromard, president of Saverglass worldwide, said that he is grateful of being in an area where luxury bottles manufacturing is fundamental.  “We think the market – of beverages – in Jalisco is important and will be increasingly important in the upcoming years.  Despite that is the important logistic position in the continent,” he said.



Quentin de Gromard, in addition of the expansion for more furnaces, they have considered the implementation of a model of industry 4.0 in the future.  “If we take into account the resource to robotization, you will see we started multiplying robots, it is not necessarily an Industry 4.0, but it is a good start,” he said.


Saverglass currently has a portfolio of 3,500 customers worldwide.


Company’s directives underlined that they are not only focused on large groups, but that they also offer their services to a great amount of independent vineyards and distilleries.


With Saverglass logistic position they promise their customers to deliver their orders early, two months before that they usually did when shipping their orders from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and from France.


Meanwhile, Jean Marc Arrambourg, general director of Saverglass, was committed with their customers in delivering unique designs.  “In this plant we are focused in decoration, with new processes, with organic dies, very artistic designs and we will see, according to success, how the growth will be,” he said.


On his speech, Aristoteles Sandoval, outgoing governor of Jalisco, said that the industry generates many opportunities through innovation and development.  “We are pleasantly surprised of what Saverglass will be, also of seeing the attention its workers provide, this generates a sense of belonging and beyond the countries we represent, we got together with common objectives to improve our products quality, and be more competitive, but above all, to bring better wellbeing to families,” he explained.



Loic Quentin of Gromard, president of Saverglass, assured that one of the main reasons to stay in Jalisco is because there are big universities and schools in the metropolitan area and the region; in addition of all the existing cultural and recreational activities.  “And there is also the interest of Jalisco on the cultural and intellectual side, that influenced a lot in the decision of choosing Jalisco, in addition is a place of great innovators.  Likely, the reason why we choose Jalisco is because our French workers are more attracted to arrive in Jalisco because there are many educational options for their children,” he noted.


Likely, Quentin de Gromard said that the strategy is clear: attacking from the Pearl of the West to their different markets by land, sea and air.


“Through logistics, bottles distribution can be made from different ways, through containers from Manzanillo; through highways to Texas or to any city in the United States; through railroad and through Veracruz to the west coast.  It is a very strategic position,” he noted.



In the production line, directives of Saverglass explained the different processes, most of them are accompanied by technologies of recent development and automation, “most of the Saverglass processes are automated, we are very strong power always investing in renovation and seeking the development of new ideas, new options, new technologies; in fact that is the essence of the company,” said Jean Marc Arrambourg, general director of the company.


“For 2019, we are making ideas and proposals about new technological advances that could be implemented,” he added.



In addition of the future growth in production – since the industrial building has the capability to settle two more furnaces and thus triplicate the production – they expect to continue growing in annual income, said Jean Marc Arrambourg.  “For a long time we have achieved really impressive results, Saverglass has continuously growing with double digits, at 10 % annual, year after year it has been marked as favorable and we are doing it, the entire world is encouraging us, it is not just the motivation to continue going forward in the race against competition, since there are many customers betting only on us, we have the responsibility of fulfilling that,” he said.


Regarding this, Loic Quentin de Gromard, president of Saverglass worldwide, said that the encouragement to jobs generation will be progressive and it is expected to reach a workforce of 800 workers.  “The company will grow quickly, I see it possible within very little time, in two or three years, we will employ 450 people, and especially in this plant we are focused in decoration, and they are new processes of organic dies and very artistic things, we are creating it, it is not something that already exists.  Then we will see according to success how it develops, it will be the growth, therefore I cannot assure it in fixed figures, but we will grow quick, around 150 new jobs per year, and this is only in the decoration area, not in the production area.  This is, this plant could have about 800 employees in the future,” he ended.