After 5 years of work, Index Occidente, the Manzanillo Customs and Port Authority of Manzanillo (API) presented this distinction to companies with IMMEX program of the country


Reduction of costs, optimizing times and a better quickness and quality on import dispatch services are the main objectives of the program Subete al Barco” (Get on Board,) which seeks impacting the competitiveness of the Mexican companies through port logistics efficiency.


The protagonist of this program is the IMMEX 2.0 Quality Trademark, logistics strategy lead by Index Occidente in coordination with Manzanillo Customs and the Port Authority of Manzanillo (API.)  Through improvements addressed to quality and efficiency of foreign trade from advanced manufacturers, this distinction will impact companies directly, since it will guarantee a better traceability of its merchandises and the optimization of the logistics chain, in times as well as in savings.


Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang, president of the National Council of the Maquila and Manufacturing Export Industry (Index,) underlined that this distinction obeys what was settled inside the strategic axis of Sectorial Competitiveness in the action plan 2018-2019 of the Association.


During the presentation of the IMMEX 2.0 Quality Trademark, the business leader emphasized that the National Council will continue concealing to find solutions for the best integration of logistic chains, costs reduction for the lesser stay of merchandise, decrease in down times and the increase in efficiency of the document preparation and integration of the entire port community.


At the moment, more than 21 companies from different entities are already working under the Quality Trademark IMMEX 2.0; in upcoming dates this program will be escalated nationally in other maritime ports to potentiate its benefits among the industrial community.


The presentation of the program was held in Manzanillo, Colima; within the framework of the VII Annual Summit of IMMEX Linkage with the port community of this city.


Action lines


The Quality Trademark IMMEX 2.0 seeks a more efficient interaction between the different port actors involved in the import and export processes, what allows expanding guarantees for the merchandise process.


Patricia Flores Flores, commercialization manager of Manzanillo API, said that the initiative emerged from Index Occidente in 2012.  “Today, thanks to their encouragement, perseverance and confidence, with the support of the entire port community the consolidation of the Quality Trademark guarantees are presented at the Manzanillo Port.”


She noted that there are two guarantees for the IMMEX industry: Origin review with a commitment time of 24 hours and Reliable Dispatch in times of 24 or 36 hours.  This last one is a process through which is sought to optimize the interaction of the logistics chain to accelerate import administrative operations, for which are done anticipated schedules at merchandise arrival.  This way, the process done for merchandise unloading will be purely operative.


“Manzanillo API adds to this Quality Trademark by providing an approach to use the benefits we have from the SAT in our Customs Regulations,” said Jose de Jesus Estrella Villasenor, in representation of Patricio Elizondo Leon, manager of Manzanillo Customs.


The official said that the Origin Review will allow Customs to have a certainty on the merchandises arriving to the port for its dispatch.


Innovation, is the key


Federico Chavez Dominguez, president of Index Occidente, underlined that the Quality Trademark IMMEX 2.0 has as main tool, innovation; through which it is sought a more expedite and efficient operation of merchandise.


“It is in the innovation territory where we play a responsibility shared with authorities and port actors,” said the businessmen.  “We saw the need of developing the Port of Manzanillo, not only as our main entrance body of the cargo country, but also as the entrance port of the electronic industry.  And we were not wrong, we are going in the correct sense,” he said.


Likewise, he said that this strategy sets a turning point in the operation and dispatch of merchandise for Mexican maritime customs, beginning on the one located at the port of Manzanillo.


“Companies increasingly need more information to guarantee this traceability 24/7 which allow us knowing exactly where the merchandise is on each point and once it arrives to our port we can import it to the production line quicker and efficiently,” said Chavez Dominguez.


Manzanillo, Mexico’s door


Aguirre Lang highlighted that the port of Manzanillo considered the most important in Mexico and the second one in Latin America, is the main entrance door of merchandise from Asia.


“The port of Manzanillo characterizes for having a privileged role of being a hub port, ideal for countries from Central and South America, as well as for the west coast of the United States and Canada; it is multi-strategic for the manufacturing export industry we are representing,” he said.


In 2017, exports released through the Port of Manzanillo exceeding the 1,652 million dollars, while imports from companies with IMMEX programs for manufacture or assembly processes represented more than 7,989 million dollars.  From the total, about 86 % was imported to South Korea, Japan and China, and 5 % belong to merchandise from Latin America.


API Data locate Manzanillo as the number one port in containerized cargo, achieving to manage almost 50 % of the country.  To reach this margin, they optimize 437 hectares with water bodies with which they can count as of the use of new technologies inside the different processes.


Index contributions to the logistics sector and of foreign trade (in chart)


·         Quality Trademark IMMEX 2.0

·         Consolidated customs declaration