The packaging, packing and bottling industry has grown 5 % in the country, also companies’ investment in machinery to protect their products, becoming one of the main import sectors worldwide, said Jorge Garibay, director of Expo Pack Mexico 2019.

“In the country we have had a 5 % growth and if we have that development, - above 1.8 % of the GDP we represent as industry – it already is a very important amount,” said Garibay within the framework of the Expo Pack Mexico 2019, which took place from June 11th to 13th in Expo Guadalajara.

He underlined that the food industry and of beverages of Jalisco, which distributes products with innovative packaging nationwide.

“The estate of Jalisco is one of the peak entities in the country, where 60 % of all foods distributed nationally are concentered here in Jalisco, and the packaging, packing and bottling industry is also huge.  The food and beverage sector represented 52 % of the exhibition,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Jorge Izquierdo, Vice-President of Market Development for Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI,) organizer of Expo Pack Guadalajara 2019, announced important figures on the country in the packaging industry, where it is placed in the top of packaging machinery importers.

“Worldwide, Mexico is the sixth largest importer of bottling machinery, it is growing and investing much in bottling technology.  Between 600 to 700 million per year should be invested per year.  Most of the machinery is imported from the United States, Germany, Italy, and Spain,” he said.

For both organizers, numbers from the packaging fair were encouraging, more than 700 exhibitors were registered, and there were more than 15 thousand square meters of exhibition with a record of 23 thousand visitors and with a growth of 16 % more than last year.