Speed in objective function, flexibility of the operative model and a success culture are fundamental in this company


As a company that knows how to adapt to new Industry trends, innovating with a sales scheme based in solutions more than products, is how V-TEK has consolidated dedicated to engineering in agile manufacturing services.


Enrique Lopez Albarran, general director of the company, said that in the last five years they have achieved a sustained annual growth of 100 %, going from invoicing 17 million pesos to more than 100 million pesos per year.


With headquarters in Guadalajara, V-TEK also has facilitates in Queretaro and Reynosa.  It offers services in design, manufacturing, equipment distribution and services such as curb, inspection, programming and PCBs repair, among others.


During the first years, the company entered the reels distribution and other elements business, as well as in the manufacturing of machinery for precision packaging.  However, this company stage was not successful due to the ecosystem in Jalisco still did not had qualified personnel to perform this kind of manufacture customized for each customer.


“The company was then found with a very interesting opportunity to diversify and start drawing – classify elements according to its quality as viable of defective – this business was very attractive from 1999 to 2012,” the directive said.


Within this context the company solved establishing a third party service in Monterrey.  The business failed after 14 months, which resulted in a downsizing strategy.  But the success key of V-TEK, it was given after this event based in the capability to adapt to the new industry needs.


After a comprehensive study to detect these needs, the company changed its activity to be dedicated to engineering services for the electronic industry.


“There were bases for the development of a new business, innovating, generating new markets and answering to needs of high impact for our customers.  Today our last objective was not only selling machines, but producing PCBs; we fulfilled the job of helping the supply chain and Tier 3 companies,” he noted.


The leader of the V-TEK team since 2012 said that at the beginning the company emerged as a subsidiary of an American company.  However, currently V-TEK anchors with Mexican capital.


Customers managing the company mainly belong to electronic industry, although it also serves the automotive sector, in the local, national and international sector.  Some examples are Benchmark, Continental, Sanmina, Flex, Jabil, Interplex, IMI, Plexus, Diehl, Hella and SKF.


Human talent


While Lopez Albarran shared that the V-TEK team, integrated by 175 collaborators, gathers experienced profiles in the industry.  The continuous training of personnel is one of the company’s priorities.  Likewise, it involves the best students of prestigious universities under the fellow scheme, aiming to provide to their education through a practical approach.


“All our personnel are provided with training about what we do here; they have to understand the processes, what the market needs and manage the entire organization.  That has helped us operating the production area in a hierarchic manner,” he explained.


This year the company has ambitious expansion plans, with the extension of the facilities in Queretaro to install an Engineering Center there and with the opening of two minicenters in Ciudad Juarez and other location yet undefined.


“We also are starting the SMD line; next month we will be entering testing.  It is an important investment that went out of Mexico.  And we will continue investing mainly in human talent, here in Mexico we have very talented people that the only thing they need is confidence,” he said.


V-TEK has the capability of responding the requirements of its customers to substitute imports before a potential change in political and international trade conditions, the directive said.