Beginning as practitioner until becoming plant manager of Huntsman Textile Effects in Atotonilquillo, Jalisco, was a process of patience and perseverance for Nestor Ramirez Gonzalez, who went through different positions inside the company.  After 30 years he achieved being at the top of the organization's chart.

Ramirez Gonzalez talked about their beginnings in the chemical industry with Ciba-Geigy which later became Huntsman Textile Effects.

“I began in the environmental laboratory, where determinations were made of treated water discharging conditions and how it is discharged; then in production laboratory, analyzing the -color-ants and composition; and afterward I had the opportunity, to begin with, my first eventual contract, at the development laboratory we did certain adjustments of the processes we received from Switzerland, I began there,” said the executive.

Later, he said the opportunity was given to him to change to the production area, where he lasted eight years; then he went to the chemical products area for 20 years.

“In 2007 I moved to projects, and there I had to implement and expand the -color-ants reaction area, and the construction of a nozzle dryer building; from there I went to Switzerland for five years to work in global engineering and support other plants,” he remembered.

He explained that by the end of 2012 to 2013 they decided to close the plant in Switzerland, therefore he returned to the plant in Mexico.

“I fulfilled the transfer of solvent processes area and began the expansion of the reaction area for the manufacturing of solvent-based manufacturing; in 2014, we finished and it is production what provide us importance with our range of products,” he said.

The directive mentioned that in 2017 he took the plant manager position, position in which it has been a couple of years.

One of the teachings he shares with his team is love and care for the environment since from the company beginnings sustainable values have been present. 

“I believe entering the environmental area since the beginning settles environmental principles and you live it through years of work development, promoting a relationship between the company and the environment which is what keeps us and has assured these years of work in the region,” he said.


Name: Nestor Ramirez

Company: Huntsman Textile Effects

Initial position: Practical treatment plant

Current position: Plant Manager

Staff in charge: 8