Jalisco continues reinforcing within Industry 4.0 and high technology, they recently settled investments of more than 220 million dollars on a work tour of industrials and State’s government to Silicon Valley.


Ernesto Sanchez Proal, director of the Ministry of Economic Development, spoke exclusively for Mexico Industry about this investment from big companies such as Jabil, Flex, Sanmina and Oracle.


“One part is focused on technology SMEs, startups needed to grow and requiring talent, talent they could not find or that is very expensive, then we are there offering Jalisco’s talent for them to come and establish their operations here, they are companies with the highest growth potential, many of them already announced they are coming, first with the hiring of 20 to 30 engineers, then with great growth potential,” he explained.


“The second part (of the tour) was focused on large companies, some of them are not here and others are already here, with growth potential, they told us the investments are of 220 million dollars, hiring of more than 4 thousand 402 jobs, only in those we visited.  I anticipate the potential is maybe twice, then we will see investments of Silicon Valley in Jalisco, it will be interesting.”


He also detailed the arrival of new companies that will be settling in the State.


“The third part (of the tour) is focused on the two companies supporting Mexican entrepreneurs, which will establish their technology businesses here with Mexican capital as well as with American capital, they are high technology companies, product from this local Silicon Valley,” he noted.


Investments remain as follows: Jabil Circuit will invest 102 million dollars, generating 2,270 new Jobs; Flex will be injecting 50 million dollars and will generate 1,000 new positions; Sanmina will invest 46 million dollars and create 800 new jobs; Oracle, 24 million dollars to create 300 jobs.


Sanchez Proal was happy about these companies that continue trusting the State, this makes it different from the rest.


“These large ones are already here, they continue announcing their growth and expansion plans, and they are very happy in the State, the governor confirmed the pro-business attitude of the state of Jalisco, which made me glad and provide them tranquility, this means, as well as California is different than the rest of the United States, Jalisco is also different than the rest of Mexico, here we are pro-business in a big market economy,” he specified.



Potential arrival of bigger companies such as Tesla and SIForce


Jalisco consolidates as an entrepreneurial ecosystem and that encourages the arrival of more high technology companies, at least thus was assumed by Francisco Cervantes president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers, who noted that Tesla and SIForce could be arriving.


“That is why it is called the Mexican Silicon Valley, where there are big corporates, about 600 SMEs, and startups exporting 70 % of their production, companies such as Motorola, HP, Oracle and IBM, have made Jalisco the ideal place to put down roots and be an example of what can achieved here, such as TESLA and SIForce, which are observing their expansion in this State,” he explained.


Cervantes also emphasized the commitment of generating a peaceful labor environment in all industries of the country.


“There are many companies (arriving,) Mexico is on an important place, Jalisco by extension, something we have to take good care of is to continue having labor peace, encapsulate and shield the confidence, Mexico, it took us many years to reach this level of confidence, last year we broke an investments record, we have to take care of them, not to lose that capital so that there is not poverty,” he said.


Industrials in Jalisco are satisfied with new investments


Some of the industrials that went to the work tour through Silicon Valley were satisfied by the commitment of big corporates.


Cesar Castro, president of Index Occidente and director of logistics and government affairs of Jabil, said he is committed in generating more tours to promote investments and jobs.


“Jabil, Flex and Sanmina joined regarding employment and investment, five tours were made with the former governor, they made commitments five times, we hope this is the first one of several we have to do to bring more investment and employment to Jalisco,” he said.


Meanwhile, Luis Aguirre Lang, president of Index Nacional and logistics director of Sanmina, was satisfied by the approach with all the high technology companies.


“It was a very successful tour for me because it allowed us to build fist hand a good relationship among corporates from high technology companies established in Jalisco, which are the main investors and job generators in this branch of the export industry and together with the State government,” he detailed.


Aguirre Lang also underlined the great ecosystem of Jalisco in which companies from different sectors are linked.


“As long as we are able to continue being successful in the investment combination on global manufacturing and innovation design of digital platforms where Jalisco is pioneer in that topic and continue permeating this knowledge about high technology industry, creative industry, of design on digital platforms and be able to generate that same disruptive and innovative culture on the rest of industrial and productive sector in the State, that is very enriching, Jalisco has the highest industrial diversification in the country, we have an enormous responsibility of continue collaborating,” he noted.