Located in the center area of Mexico, the Japanese company Miyazaki Seiko founded in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco a strategic place to serve the demands from their main customers of the automotive industry.


Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico is a company leader in the manufacturing of Precision Cold Drawn Bars and Cold Heading Quality Wire to serve the requirements of the automotive industry.


The wire and bars are used in parts for steering, engine, automatic transmissions, gearbox, and suspensions, among others


“Our strength is in the quality, cost and delivery times.  We can manufacture with high quality at a competitive price.  In addition, our production system is just in time, this means, a customer requests an amount of products he wants to receive and we deliver on time according to specifications,” explained Hiroshi Ito, manager of the Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico plant.


In October last year the company opened these plant facilities, becoming thus their first factory in the American continent.


Among Miyazaki Seiko customers are some of the main suppliers of automotive companies, such as Toyota Tsusho and Matsuju.  Currently, Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico has a production volume of 130 tons per month.


“We have a wire drawing production line, another of Continuous Cold Drawn Wire and another one of steel bars cutting.  In the process of drawing we receive the steel coil; this is processed according to the requirements of the customer and delivered in that same manner, in a steel coil with a different diameter.  The customer transforms this coil in different types and kinds of materials for machinery, equipment or others,” detailed the manager.


In the other continuous drawing process – he referred – the steel coil comes directly from the furnace of the steel manufacturer with a black husk.


“It first goes under a stripping process and is transformed in a bar, this bar can be sent to the customer in that same shape or it can be processed by cutting in smaller pieces,” he explained.


In addition, Miyazaki Seiko, does not only manufacture high quality products under optimum production processes, its advanced technology is combined with innovation to guarantee all of their processes are elaborated under conditions of environmental respect  conditions.



For Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico, their human capital is its most important pillar.  Currently, at this plant work 19 specialized employees which have been trained by the company.


“We wish them to be people that want to work with us in a long term; the kind of work we do requires skills not so common in another companies, that is why, we are seeking form them to be trained,” said Hiroshi Ito.


Miyazaki Seiko is a company committed to providing the highest quality to its customers; therefore they have a quality inspection team that verifies all products fulfill the manufacture requirements.


In addition they have the international certification ISO 9001-2015 and are about to obtain the IATF 16949 standard certification, which confirms the capability of Miyazaki Seiko to elaborate high quality products that do satisfy the demands of the customers around the world.



Number of workers: 19

Start of operations: 2017

Origin: Japan

Activity: Secondary process of steel

Product: Precision Cold Drawn Bars and Cold Heading Quality Wire