It is the first plant of the Japanese company in the American Continent.


Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico opened its plant facilities located in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, becoming its first manufacture in the American Continent.

The Japanese company allocated 270 million pesos to startup this industrial complex where a secondary process is made of steel to manufacture quality wire for cold stamping and cold drawn precision bars for the automotive sector.

Its main clients worldwide are Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Denso Aisin Seiki, among others.

To settle this plant, Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico acquired a property land of 77,000 m2 in 2015 at the Colinas de Lagos Industrial Park.  The company Hazama Ando Corporation was in charge of building the factory and in September 2016 they deliver a plant of 6,400 m2, which started operations in August 2017.

Kaoru Miyazaki, president of Miyazaki Seiko Japan, said that the objective of the company is to become a world-class manufacturer in the secondary process of cold drawn precision bars.

“It would not be an easy route, but all Miyazaki employees, including all companies in the group and all members of this plant, will strive to achieve it.”

Regarding the automotive sector, he said that Mexico not only competes with Japan, but also with automotive manufacturers in the United States and Europe, since it currently produces 360 million units per year and it is the seventh vehicles producer worldwide.

“It is a market that allows us to know global trends quickly and these are very promising,” he noted.

About this, Motonobu Miyazaki, president of Miyazaki Seiko Mexico, said that Mexico is quickly becoming the largest manufacture base of the automotive market centered in North America.

“We believe we can contribute to the development of the automotive industry in this country.  We are committed with production, quality and service, as we do it in Japan, although there are many differences regarding culture and traditions in our countries, we are all together being one and we will strive to answer our customers’ needs;” he highlighted.


This plant produces cold drawn steel parts and quality wire for cold stamping which are used in powertrain, engine, automatic transmission, gears and gear box, parts from the differential, suspension and ball joints, among others.

Currently, the plant has two final profile quality cold stamping wire rolls machines (with a productive capacity of 500 tons per month) and a continuous profile for cold stamping wire rolls machine (1,200 tons per month.)

They also have three machines of cold drawn precision bars cutter with a capacity of 300,000 pieces per month and a chamfered machine that can produce up to 200,000 pieces per month.

In order to fulfill its customers’ requests, it is intended to introduce a peeling line in the summer 2018, with a monthly capacity of 1,500 tons.

Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico is projecting to process 13,000 tons of steel in 2018 and 24,000 tons in 2020.

Juan Alberto Marquez, major of Lagos de Moreno, celebrated the arrival of Miyazaki Seiko de Mexico and highlighted that the municipality has positioned as an attractive investment pole, due to a its strategic location and the quality of the workforce of the people from Lagos de Moreno.

At the opening event were present: Kaoru Miyazaki, president of Miyazaki Seiko Japan; Motonobu Miyazaki, president of Miyazaki Seiko Mexico; Seiji Mizuno, vice-president of Miyazaki Seiko Mexico; Yasuhisa Suzuki, general consul of Japan in Guanajuato; Juan Alberto Marquez, major and Jose Palacios Jimenez, secretary of Economic Development in Jalisco.