The tooling market represents a demand of more than 7,000 million annual dollars, mainly in molds, dies and machined pieces.  However, barely 2 % of this universe is provided by the national sector, leaving the remaining ones to imports.


Eager of this trend combining and increase national supply by substituting imports, the Tooling Cluster Jalisco organized the first Metallurgy National Summit 2018, under the subject “Manufacture: Mexico’s engine.”


“Mexico has a very important potential to slowly provide the national supply and why not, with the aspiration of satisfying part of the international requirements.  We have talent, capacity, engine and quality,” said Jesus Nuno Acosta, president of Tooling Cluster Jalisco.


Although the event was focused mainly to the supply of the automotive and electric/electronic industries, the national tooling sector is prepared to serve the plastic, medical and aerospace industries.  All these, with the exception of the aerospace sector, can be part of Jalisco, said Nuno Acosta.


“This first meeting has as an objective to share experiences, seek benefits and be positioned to compete by global projects that will help us grow and substitute imports, generating more jobs and economic wellbeing to our community.  In few worlds, causing synergies,” said the business leader.


The event consisted in an exhibition area, a business Summit, a nurtured program of conferences and an expert’s panel.  There was the participation of buying and supply companies from Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Estado de Mexico, Mexico City and Jalisco.


In this context, Nuno Acosta took the opportunity to make a call to businessmen, the academy and the Government sector to do alliances and strengthen the productive system.  “Training, innovation and alliances should be a constant every day.  We have to push our industry for it to revolutionize,” he said.


Likely he underlined that it is an obligation of the tooling sector to join the trends from Industry 4.0, since these are essential to be updated and supply its customers of quality products, which will allow going forward in the purpose of winning international market in design matter and tooling manufacturing, molds and stamping.


Among the subjects addressed, they talked about development and future of the automotive sector in the framework of the renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA,) as well as of the strategies to establish the tooling demand and the strengthening of the supply chain for the automotive industry.  There was also presented a panel under the subject of “The future of education in Mexico before the challenges of the manufacturing industry” and “The development of the OEM Tier 1-2-3 productive chain,” among others.


Tooling Cluster Consolidation


Javier Lemarroy Mendoza, general coordinator of the Tooling Cluster Jalisco, said that this organism born in 2014 as an initiative of Index Occidente is based in three pillars: education and training; research, development and innovation (I-D-i) and commercial promotion before the emerging markets.


Currently, the Tooling Cluster includes nine companies from Jalisco, same that group 525 people and represents a total of 132 machining centers and facilities by more than 20,850 square meters.


Lemarroy Mendoza noted that a challenge for companies members of the cluster is the lack of knowledge of the large transnational companies.  “Do not know that here is the supply or are afraid of betting on Mexican supply, due to quality, certifications and more issuers.  But the reality is that here is being developed great quality and qualified workforce supply,” he said.


Some of the products being managed by companies members of the Tooling Cluster regard die and molding maquila, fixtures, cavities, inserts, machining in CNC, dies, molds and other tooling.


Some members of the Tooling Cluster Jalisco: PSI Plastic, Advanced Engineering Systems, HCL Piamsa, Maquiser, PM Stamping, Moldtech, Troqueles Martin, Nubus and HBM.


Meanwhile, some of the customers served by companies from the Tooling Cluster are Flex, Continental, ZF, Hella Automotive, Smith & Associates, Emerson, BorgWarner Morse TEC México, Federal Mogul y Plexus.


Business Meeting


With more than 350 meetings held, the Business Meeting B2B organized by ProMexico in the framework of the event, was a success.  16 buying companies participated, among which were Flex, Averna, Sanmina, Fiat Chrysler, John Deere, Newell Brands and Siemens.


Meanwhile, 51 supplying and manufacturing companies participated.  Sales by 990,000 dollars were concreted, while the long term estimated economic revenue is of more than 132 million dollars.


Dumbbell with the automotive Industry


The Automotive Cluster Jalisco worked as one of the event co-organizers, given that this sector is one of the most growing in the area and that require a great tooling amount, therefore it constitutes an interesting opportunity for Tooling Cluster members.

“The synergy the Tooling Cluster and the Automotive Cluster Jalisco have is to seek the development of local suppliers in the tooling and molds area, which we know is fundamental for our industry,” said Alexandro Burgueno Rodriguez, director of the Automotive Cluster Jalisco.


The businessmen said that at least 90 % of the tooling and molds supplies for the automotive sector come mainly from Asia and Portugal.  However, he mentioned that it is viable for national suppliers increase their competitiveness if they bet on investing in technology 4.0.


The data exposed by Eduardo Muniz, director of the finance to the automotive, of transportation and aerospace sector from Bancomext, said that exports from vehicles by the end of 2017 reached the 3,100,000 units, which represent an increase of 17 % regarding 2016.


“With these figures Mexico positions as the fourth larger exported worldwide and in the seventh global producer in that sector.  These data confirm a clear intention of intensifying the markets on that sector; the molds and dies are without doubt a fundamental aspect for the production of different processes of the metallurgy industry,” he said.


At the Index Nacional Summit were present; the Mexican Association of Molding and dies Manufacturing (AMMMT, by its Spanish initials;) the National Auto-parts Industry (INA, by its Spanish initials;) the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA, by its Spanish initials;) the Regional Chamber of the Rubber and Latex Industry in the State of Jalisco (CIHUL, by its Spanish initials) and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT, by its Spanish initials,) among other organisms.


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