IEA, dedicated to the manufacturing of automotive ignition coils, leader on its sector thanks to the high quality standards they manage, same that allow them serving the main automotive brands worldwide.


The company has its beginnings in 1968, in Mexico City.  They formerly dedicated to serve Tier 1 companies with the manufacture of products such as pistons, engine valves, packaging and homocinetic joints, among others.  In 1992 it changed its vocation to be focused on supplying the spare parts market.


Ten years later, a group of Jalisco businessmen acquired it and as part of the new strategy, they moved to the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara.  Since then it is of 100 % Mexican capital.


“Currently we manage two big lines: epoxy coil and oil coil.  In this last one we have a product of very good quality; we are the only ones producing it in Mexico,” said Jose Miguel Martinez, founder partner and president of the council.


The company serves other suppliers through the machining of private brands of these items.  This strategy allowed the IEA to be located in the preference of different customers, by supporting their work with high quality standards.  Proof of that is the ISO 9001/2008 certification they have.


Regarding humid coils, models covering the demand of the vehicle market are limited.  However, the new technologies – epoxy coils – tend to change the geometry of its components with each generation, therefore strong investments are required that are justified by the volume of coils to be manufactured.  That is why; IEA keeps strategic alliances with suppliers in order to always give a suitable response to the market needs.


Each year, the company manufactures approximately 450,000 units in total.  “60 % of our production is addressed to exportation,” said the businessmen.  Currently, the company exports its products to the United States, Brazil, Colombia and other countries in Latin America.  On the other hand, they offer products through their brand, Presto Plus.


Future plans include expanding the production line of epoxy coils. “This will probably imply a reengineering in the plant design.  In order to play on the big leagues you have to learn and offer what they need,” said the businessman.


Quality, a distinctive


“When people see our identification stamp, knows it is a quality product,” he said.  Thanks to first level supplies, coils are designed to support temperatures up to 40 degrees below zero.


“Another factor is product engineering, since that due to the natural movement of vehicles; certain internal parts can be fractured.  That is why, se use a kind of coper braided that absorbs those vibrations and do not come off,” he said.


Meanwhile, he underlined that they work under strict quality protocols, they guarantee coils durability.  “We use a type of copper that undertakes up to 200 degrees Celsius, in addition that we make different layers in the coils.  With this we achieve increasing efficiency for them to work at 27,000 volts, while the imported ones provide 23,000.  Voltage difference is not noticed because the car works right, but after a while you start consuming more fuel and you do not have efficient explosion in the chamber, what results in generating more pollution.  When you have 27,000 volts, the vehicle performance is greater; many times so small difference has a very big impact,” he shared.