The company Compresores Maqpower provides an energy savings strategy for the industry, together with the Trust for Electric Energy Saving (FIDE, by its Spanish initials) with specialists training of specialists before installing the air compressor in companies.

Jose Ramon Contreras Alcaraz, engineering manager of Maqpower, referred that they support industrials in energy savings and in their requirements of air compression inside industrial buildings.

“Energy savings depend in much of how we adapt the partial load compressor to that operation dynamic of the plant, this is with capability controls to save energy, can be seen between a capability control and another, logically, those saving more energy will maybe require an initial investment, greater but completely profitable,” said the specialist.

Contreras Alcaraz highlighted Maqpower as a company with more than 38 years supporting the Industry in all Mexico with Sullair compressors.

“Maqpower is a company providing comprehensive solutions in compressed air, compressed air is a power, therefore, we support with the user, from compressor selection, its installation and education to operate its equipment in such a manner that has optimum and durable equipment, we provide a second education in how to use compressed air, not only in the compressors room, also on demand side, make systems efficient and have comprehensive structure, in generation and distribution, compressed air use, beginning with the best technology in Sullair compressors,” he said

They have all kinds of compressors and for different industries, from very basic to rotary air without oil for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Having the ideal equipment for the ideal process, we have the range of compressors from five horsepower to whatever is needed, there are no limits, we have technologies like the best screw compressor regarding efficiency because it delivers more air per horsepower, it is a compressor of two stages, a compressor is more efficient the more stages it has,” he said.