Siemens Company dedicated to creating solutions in electrification, automation and digitalization, arrived to Mexico in 1894; 88 years after that it arrived to the capital of Jalisco.  Currently the plant in Guadalajara focuses in the manufacture of electric engines of low voltage.


“We are national leaders in the production of monophasic engines of less than one horse power,” said Sergio Sandoval Rojo, director of the plant Guadalajara de Siemens.


Likewise, they dedicate another area to the assembly of three phase engines.  The directive said that as country, Mexico represents one of the most important markets for the multinational, thanks to its wide potential of growth, development and competitiveness.


“Our production volume for monophasic engines is of 660,000 units per year, while of three phase we manage above 100,000 engines per year,” he shared.


From the total production, approximately 60 percent focuses on export, having as main destination the countries of North America.  The rest remains for supplying the domestic market.


Sandoval Rojo said that during the last year, both markets have grown up to 20 %, which has caused the company seeking new schemes to satisfy the demand.  For that, a gradual growth has been given in workforce and management personnel, together with a diagnosis and readjustment in shifts of different production areas.


On the other hand, the director shared that the company has achieved an approach with its collaborators, same that reflects in the commitment and environment of partnership lived inside the plant of Guadalajara.


A program that has been implemented successfully for some years at the Siemens plant in Guadalajara is the dual formation model, which as the German educational system, trains students at higher medium level through a training scheme that is of 80 % practice and 20 % theory.


For this scheme, Siemens works in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education (SEP, by its Spanish initials,) the German-Mexican Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAMEXA, by its Spanish initials) and the Business Coordinator Council (CCE, by its Spanish initials) as well as with other companies.  Up to now, more than 75 students have been trained.


The plant has several certifications, among which highlight ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18000 and ESR, in addition of that they comply with the NOM, UL and CSA that belong to their activity.


More information:


Name: Siemens Guadalajara

Start of operations: 1982

Facilities: 30,000 square meters

Number of workers: 850

Capital: German

Activity: Manufacture