Company leader in Mexico in suspension technologies, ZF Suspension Technology Guadalajara is supporter of innovation, research and development is the best investment for the future.


This signing is one of the divisions from Grupo ZF, considered as one of the most important worldwide in the automotive sector.  Grupo ZF has its origins in 1915 in Germany; after the acquisition of the shock absorbers ARALMEX, it officially arrived to Mexico and Guadalajara in 1997.


“Here we make chassis components.  Inside ZF, this is the largest plant worldwide,” said Wolfgang Siebentritt, vice-president of chassis technologies and general director of the Guadalajara division.


The Guadalajara plant currently manufactures more than 80 thousand pieces per day of the more than 100 products offered to the market.  This type of volumes allows satisfying the demand of the most important automotive brands worldwide.


It is important to mention that Mexico is, with its six administrative, distributions and of production units, the second largest country for Grupo ZF, regarding the numbers of workers.


Worldwide, the company gives work to 136 thousand 820 persons in 40 countries.  For 2016, generated sales exceeded 35 million euros; 80 % of this figured obtained thanks to the automobile and transportation segments of low tonnage.


The directive shared that there are four pillars that support ZF Suspension Technology as one of the largest suppliers of the automotive Industry: quality, competitive prices, innovation and constant training for the work team.


Regarding this, Siebentritt shared that the company gives great importance to its research and development areas, which is integrated by 50 people in Guadalajara.


“We want the research and development area to grow here, because as it is the most complete plant we consider important to get these areas closer to the production, operators and purchase processes,” he explained.


Likewise he mentioned that Mexico has become an important pole of automotive development, since it has the confidence of world-class customers thanks to the quality of the workforce.


“We work under a scheme without borders, with global projects.  We talk about platforms and seek being as close as we can to the customer and develop its products worldwide,” he said.


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Name: ZF Suspension Technology Guadalajara

Number of workers: 2,296

Beginning of operations: 1997

Facilities: 120, 632 square meters

Capital: German

Activity: Automotive manufacturing