The businessman will end his period as president of the Association; he achieved important goals in training, digital inclusion and certification issues


After 4 years as president, Julio Acevedo Garcia retires this month from the Jalisco Institute of Information Technologies (IJALTI, by its Spanish initials,) project that helped to consolidate as manager cluster from the information technologies sector.


In an interview, the businessman and former director of Hewlett Packard (HP) in Mexico, said that one of the great achievements is that IJALTI has reached under his leadership has been to become the first manager cluster outside Europe in getting the bronze and silver certification of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA.)  The next step is to reach the gold certification, same that is expected to be achieved in upcoming dates.


“My main achievement is to leave this institution as self-supporting.  The Software Center does not receive state and municipal funds, as it is profitable with the services they offer.”


Meanwhile he referred that great work was concreted in talent formation through the creation of a training area, which is about to start the Generation and Laboratoria programs, this last one focused to women incorporation in the sector.


A third issue worked during his management, even more in the last days, is digital transformation specially focused in SMEs.  “We are trying to spread this to these companies in order for them to get on board of technologies and take this as transversal,” he said.


After 36 years of work, Julio Acevedo will dedicate his time to family and traveling and to one of his favorite hobbies: Golf.  However, he emphasized that he will continue participating in other projects such as Creative Digital City (CCD, by its Spanish initials,) of which he is president of the master trust.  Likewise, he will continue collaborating as part of the 7 organisms, associations and universities consultative councils.


“I would like to return to society something of what they have given me.  I will continue giving and adding to the industry development in Jalisco and Mexico, for the rest of my life,” he ended.