In total, 65 big Jalisco companies obtained the ESR Distinction 2019; companies from the manufacturing industry stood out


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows companies generating an added value creating a competitive advantage.  All those companies seeking to remain on time must be focused not only on economic responsibility, also in social and taking care of the environment.

An example of that are Jalisco companies which have incorporated or reinforced their social responsibility actions.

According to the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI, by its Spanish initials) Jalisco is the third national entity in philanthropy and social responsibility matters.  In 2018, 58 big companies in Jalisco obtained the Distinction ESR; meanwhile in 2019, the number of companies increased to 65, among them standout companies from the manufacturing sector.

Thus, taking care of the environment, being concern about their collaborators, be close to the community and be an ethical organization are values written in most companies in Jalisco.

“For 2019 the public list of big companies is ready, first the list of big companies is released, which are 65 for this year versus 58 companies in 2018, the trend is it is increasing,” said Laura Rochin Mozqueda, director of Expo Guadalajara Foundation.

She underlined that in Jalisco, 169 small and medium companies (SMEs) were granted the ESR distinctive in 2018 and said that, although the 2019 SMEs list has not been published yet (it is anticipated it will be announced in July,) it is expected that between 169 and 180 companies will obtain this distinction.

“The Corporate Social Responsibility distinction is not a certification, it is a recognition.  There are no audits onsite, there is a virtual audit of processes where the company responds to a yes or no questionnaire; in case the answer is affirmative evidences have to be placed which prove it.  It is not a certification as such; however, it is a unique international recognition because it applies to entire Latin America,” she explained.

ESR Distinction 2019 was granted to companies as Continental Automotive Occidente, Fimex, Hershey Mexico, Carrocerias Hermanos Becerra, Sanmina-SCI Systems de Mexico, ZF Suspension Technology Guadalajara, Alimentos Sello Rojo, among others.


JALISCO on the rise


Despite Mexico City is the one with most organizations with the distinction, Jalisco is on the rise.

“Socially Responsible Corporates, most of them in the country, are centralized in Mexico City, excluding Mexico City, Jalisco is the first state with number of companies, we are the State with more Socially Responsible Corporates distinguished with the ESR distinction,” said the leader.

In order to obtain the ESR distinction a company has to fulfill four core points of social culture.

“It is necessary for the company to have verifiable practices in Social Responsibility which is a guideline; however, when companies apply is a walked path in social responsibility and regarding basic areas: community linkage; care and environmental preservation; business ethics and life quality in the company, that is addressed mainly to collaborators, when the company identifies it already has fundamental practices in these four areas, it is ready to apply,” she noted.

As of Rochin Mozqueda said, companies, regardless the size or activity, could have the ESR emblem, provided they are ethics.

“Companies from any activity, type and size, with exception of adult entertainment and tobacco companies, can apply to ESR distinction,” she explained.

In addition, she said that each year companies can repeat the process to preserve the brand Corporate Social Responsibility.




If the organization already have in mind to become an ESR, the first thing it has to do is to attend to Expo Guadalajara Foundation and receive an informative session, which will generate no cost.

“We have different scenarios for accompaniment and information for companies, we have group informative sections.  Firs, social responsibility is explained and them how the distinction is obtained, how to apply and we have particular advisory, individual, we invite them to the Foundation or they invite us to those companies and we explain them,” said the specialists.

Afterwards, the interested one answers a questionnaire and prove with documents the feasibility of their socially responsible practices.

“To obtain the distinction, what is have to be done is answering a diagnosis in such manner the same company – in a trusted and of good faith process – she explained.  Once the 150 are answered – for big companies –and 75 for SMEs, the company has to verify its answers with proven documents, there are 7 types of documents managed by ESR distinction tool, policies, codes and regulations, the company is not awarded with the distinction for doing things, but because it already have it as policy and has clear procedures or manuals, also action evidence and has the recognition from a third party for their work and practice,” said Laura Rochin Mozqueda, director of Expo Guadalajara Foundation.



When achieving the ESR distinction and implementing different sustainable programs, social responsibility, ethics and community commitment, companies are benefited in three areas:

1.    Image: according to Expo Guadalajara Foundation there are different studies to show consumers of a good or service are willing to pay more if it is an ESR.


2.    Human resources: part of the actions contributing to social community development generate higher identity, pride and collaborators commitment with the company.


3.    Fiscal: being altruistic and grant some kind of donation to foundations, in addition of supporting a benefic cause, allows deduct taxes on a legal manner in annual statement and more companies in Mexico are increasingly interested in supporting Civil Associations that take care of different causes.