The company expects that 80 thousand jobs will be achieved in the entity at the end of the year


The expectation of generating jobs for the current year will be of 80 thousand, 10 thousand more than those raised at the beginning of the year. This was assured by the president of COPARMEX Jalisco, Mauro Garza Marin.


The business leader said that the first forecast was written down taking into account the current international political and economic scenario, which led to a depreciation of more than 40 % of the peso against the dollar and the decline in exports.


“However, during the course of this first semester the economic environment had a better behavior than the one we anticipated. Jalisco had a much better first half than expected: the exports of the entity from January to May reached 21 thousand 479 million dollars, which represents a growth of 12.33 % over the same period of the previous year,” he said.


He also stated that these figures put Jalisco above the national average, in addition to a collection of more than 350 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI,) of which 43 % correspond to new investments. This figure places Jalisco as a national leader in terms of new FDI.


He said that at the moment more than 48 thousand 344 new jobs have been created, setting a record as the best first half of the year in terms of job creation.


The restatement to the rise came after an analysis made by the Economic Affairs Committee of the COPARMEX Jalisco. Despite this, Garza Marin explained that this estimate was made under a moderate perspective, considering the existence of economic factors that can impact the final number of jobs.


The business representative stated that subject to this good forecast, COPARMEX will continue to ensure that jobs generated can improve life quality of employees of companies.


“COPARMEX will seek to improve working conditions, generating quality and well-paid jobs, as well as promoting the technological careers demanded by the current business sector,” he said.


More information: in 2016, 88,982 jobs were created in the entity.