Since its arrival to Mexico in 2007, Zoltek has duplicated its capability of carbon fiber manufacturing per year and exports worldwide as sustainable company, recently awarded by the Jalisco State Government as Great Maquila and Manufacturing Exporter.

The exponential growth of its production lines, which previously produced 5 thousand tons a year until reaching about 13 thousand tons, is due to in 2014 it was acquired by the Japanese company Toray Group, which fulfills the production standards of the Asian power to where they currently export.

Zoltek was founded in 1975 by Mr. Zsolt Rummy in Saint Louis Missouri, United States.

Makoto Kibayashi, executive vice-president of production and technology, underlined the benefits of carbon fiber, which serve the automotive and aeronautic industry, in addition of being ecological.

“Carbon Fiber is a very ecological material, lighter and stronger than Steel, this material can be applied to reduce carbon emissions, we can create renewable energy,” said the directive of Japanese origin.

For Kibayashi, one of the competitive advantages of Zoltek lays in the product elaboration, since there are no emissions polluting the atmosphere.

“We contribute with ecological materials supply in reducing carbon emissions, and then we reduce the acceleration of global warming,” sand the awarded directive.


Briefly, Makoto Kibayashi explained the process for obtaining carbon fiber.

“We first produce acrylic fiber, after being treated carbon fiber can be obtained,” he detailed.

Currently at the production line are produced between 10 thousand and 13 thousand tons per year, it has duplicated its productivity compared to when they started.


“We cannot quantify exactly the amount produced at the production line, but we have the capability to manufacture 10 thousand carbon fiber tons per year,” he said.

Zoltek has quality as priority therefore they have two certifications at the El Salto plant, highlighting AS9100D and ISO9001:2015.

Values of the company Grupo Toray Industries are determining to encourage economy in the region: “Contribute to society.  We like to contribute with economy here in Jalisco, continue exporting and grow together.”

Currently, Zoltek exports worldwide, but its strength is to commercialize in Asia a place where few companies from the maquila and manufacturing Industry have arrived.

“We have customers around the world, the United States, Europe and Asia,” he ended.