All factors to have an ecosystem full of talent and innovation come together in Jalisco, which have encouraged the arrival of multinationals to invest, with a maquila and manufacturing industry that continues to export, a precursor academy that has the support of the state Government.

Jalisco innovation agenda has centered in proposing a vision that changes the way Industry develops in Mexico. Therefore, it has positioned as the Mexican Silicon Valley and as an attractive entity for the arrival of high technology and manufacturing companies.

For example, two creative companies, one international as Bosch and Jalisco company Grupo ABSA, who develop different last generation platforms – located in the State – as industry 4.0 for better control of production lines.

Roberto Fuentes, manager of Connected Enterprise and of Industry 4.0 in Grupo ABSA, talked with Mexico Industry about the latest developments they have shown in different exhibitions and with worldwide customers.

“The most recent we have is Industry 4.0 which is one of the trend topics, mainly, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with technology that enables extracting the data from manufacturing floor and convergence between the world of systems and IT,” he explained.

Fuentes underlined two platforms that measure the performance of the production line of any organization and another one that analyzes all steps of production from temperature, time and process, both linked in the cloud.

“We have two demos in which we see a data collector process, but as you can observe it is the part of a procedure, in this case we are making it with popcorn, temperature is measured and the opening of cooking doors; in the next demo you can see a process where you can measure the goods and bad parts, operative efficiency of an operation line,” he said.

Meanwhile Bosch, despite its strength is in the automotive industry has generated also specialized platforms, thus was explained by Alberto Ibarraran, director of innovation and new business for Bosch Mexico.

“In this first solution we are seeing energy consumption in the production line, with this is allowed to efficiently use energy, forecasting production line capability, make efficient and finally, when we learned with historic and big data, analyze how production line behaves to improve.  Regarding manufacturing productivity and efficiency stands out, reducing costs and improve production line,” he said.

In addition, Ibarraran explained another technological development made with Bosch Rexroth, which verifies the entire information of sensors working on a production line and finally the result reaches the cloud.

“Also with Rexroth a new product called IoT Gateway where any type of device or protocol can be connected and through this concentrator information can exploit the different PLC, Ethernet, and sensors, where it connects to this “on hub” center we call IoT Gateway and can show in an intelligent way the information all sensors are correcting on a production line, these are two big solutions in Industry 4.0,” he said.

In the medium term, Bosch has planned to link all their products with the cloud to have a feedback with customers.

“As a goal for 2022, our CEO Volkmar Denner has mentioned that all our products have to be connected to the cloud, first connected to know what is happening, second to learn and third to design more and better products,” said Alberto Ibarran.

Jalisco Industrials applaud talent and new developments

Ruben Massayi Gonzalez, president of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ, by its Spanish initials) highlighting the efforts of Bosch and ABSA, among other organizations in the State with new developments and that encourage young people to approach companies promoting new talents.

“All these companies are giving young people a very large and clear sign: we are interested in you, the State is interested in you.  All those offices and Government areas, education, innovation, economy, agriculture, all are turning over to tell young people we are with you, we are supporting your dreams, ideas, in your skills so you can be part of Jalisco development.  At the same time, also boys and girls coming from other States see this (technological development,) and ask themselves why this issue in Jalisco is not exclusively of Jalisco, this issue is about wills,” he said

Talent Land, land of opportunities

Talent Land is the largest event of innovation and technology in Mexico.  Here talents gather together, investors, recruiters and institutions, among others, to link and find solutions to current problems.

Jalisco was the venue of the second edition of Talent Land and fulfilled all expectations of attendance, with more than 30,000 youngsters during its six days.

Ivan Millan, general director of Talent Land, was satisfied with the effort of sponsors, universities and Government, to generate knowledge in more than 1,000 hours of workshops.

“In general it was a very full program with 1,700 hours of content in 18 scenarios, seven thematic lands, with a Hackathon Talent Land in which young people had to solve a settled problem,” he explained.

“The Project has been well received, it is the result of trust and wills, we have many strategic allies, with many sponsors and now as it is a summit of young talent has many artists, great capacity, everything turns around mathematics, science and artificial intelligence, we are having another kind of content, with the creative part, music, movies, design, and fashion; Gaming Land and part of virtual reality, is Nintendo; IronLand, which is a drones school and robotics competitions; we also have Business Land for entrepreneurs; Blockchainland to encourage this technology, and the one we recently launched is Agro Land with field subjects.”

Millan highlighted Bosch for its two stands in the fair enclosure of the exhibition where they trained young people, in addition to showing their last technological advances.

“They are manufacturers in Information Technologies, Bosch is a company that have from automotive issues, home appliances and electronics, here their strongest offer is in innovation and development,” he ended.