For the first time in Guadalajara, the company Jabil presented its regional event from the global program Jabil Joules, which is an initiative that promotes diversity inside the American business, at the time it encourages the creation of networks and dialogue for inclusion.


“Women who inspire” was the name of the panel that opened the event named Power Forum, during which four collaborators from the multinational shared their experiences before a forum of more than 200 people, gathered at the Congress Center of the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM,) campus Guadalajara.


Beth Walters, vice-president of Corporate Communication and Investors Relations from Jabil, lead the panel that joins representatives from the human resources areas, finance, and technology and business development.


Isabel Romo, compensations and benefits leader in the America region, said that the company is constantly looking after their employees interests; therefore she thanked the growth opportunities and confidence votes given to them since the beginning of the company.  Part of that was reflected in the support for her to work remotely from Mexico City, thanks to this she found a balance between her personal and professional life.


“There are hundreds of thousands of women in our production groups who are making the difference inside Jabil,” said Paloma Barraza, company comptroller in Guadalajara.


Carmen Preciado, manager of Business Unit, agreed with her and added that despite that at the beginning there were few women interested in careers related with technology, the trend is changing to make space to a larger female presence in the work space.


On her part, April Butterfield, vice-president of Technology at Jabil, advised those interested in incurring within the technology industry, cultivate their intellectual curiosity and seek continuous training.


Meanwhile, the magister conference was in charge of Ana Lizz Pardo, director of Soccer Marketing from Nike, who during her lecture talked about her personal and professional experiences in sectors traditionally lead by men and how that is each presented obstacle has been conquered.


Through a video, Mike Loparco, executive vice-president and CEO of the group engineering solutions at Jabil, congratulated the present for taking a step forward in labor inclusion of women within the industry, factor that, he considered, is fundamental in the organization success.  “Jabil Joules is an important part of the development, today’s event is only an example of our effort to increase our diversity and inclusion,” he said, as well as he assured that from the company’s direction they will continue encouraging talent.


Among the attendees were, in addition of students from the ITESM, directives and employees of Jabil, as well as businessmen and representatives from organizations that work in pro of women development within the local industry, among which were CANIETI, the Women Jalisco Institute and the Coordinator Council of Businesswomen from Jalisco