Benchmark Electronics


Portable X rays machines, gas meters, telecommunication racks, intelligent audio and video devices for offices and products for warehouse automation.  All they have in common the same manufacturer: Benchmark Electronics Guadalajara division.


Isaias Grey, general manager, shared that for 20 years the company dedicates to satisfy the electronic needs of the medical, aerospace, telecommunications and commercial sectors.  It is in these two areas where Benchmark Guadalajara focuses its work.


The manager also noted that their entire production goes for exportation, since they all are foreign customers.  “Through time more confidence in local results has been gained.  99 % of the employees in Guadalajara are Mexican,” he said.


Quality, their Label


One of Benchmark Electronics hallmarks is its products and processes quality, what has allow it to be certified in different aspects, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, AS 9100, ISO/TS 16949, TL 9000 and ANSI ESD20:20, among others.


Currently there are in process of obtaining a FDA certification to elaborate more complex products for the medical industry, which will be inside the human body.


Growth Plans


Isaias Grey noted that the plant in Guadalajara has been constant.  From one building they went to occupy 3 and in 20 years the workforce has growth more than the initial double.


“The company is living a transformation from the CEO, which changed in October 2016.  Worldwide, Guadalajara represents for Benchmark the second largest plant worldwide, matching another one in sales size,” shared the manager.


For that, the corporate anticipates investing in the creation of an own campus and support this growth with the attraction of new clients.


“We have as local goal to create a campus where confidence in Mexico is consolidated in Mexico by the corporation and bring more job sources,” he said.


Company information:


Name: Benchmark Electronics

Number of employees: 1,800

Start of operations: 1997

Facilities: 420 square meters

Capital: United States

Sector: electronics manufacturing