The creative leader and inventor of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ, by its Spanish initials) is the engineer Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, recently appointed president of the Innovation Commission and has several plans and projects, one of which is making Jalisco industrials disruptive.

Gutierrez Novelo is inventor and creative of Virtual Reality, he installed a device that can be found in all Blue Ray 3D, in addition of different invention patents, now is seeking to encourage state industry.

“What I would do together with the entire Industry is design the Jalisco we would like to see during in the upcoming years, I am convinced that innovation will enable us to change, innovation will not be something given magically, neither a three steps plan.  We have to change education, once we modify education and generate a direct link between educational part and industry, combined with disruptive technologies, in the correct manner to accelerate Jalisco technological development and adopt these technologies to make our processes more efficient and offer better competitive products globally, is when we are going to have an actual transformation,” he said.

Jalisco is, for Gutierrez Novelo, one of the most advanced states in the country due to all companies arriving and strengthening the economy; however, there is still a while to become a power.

“Things have been done right in Jalisco for many years, they put themselves together wonderfully with the implementation and settlement of different transnationals that arrived to work and demonstrate, allowing the people working with them adopting good quality control practices, of punctuality, and have standardization techniques, which is great, we have workforce, knowledge, recognition and an increasingly trained human resource.

Moreover, he said they will seek Jalisco have the best exporting human talent and turn the State in a truly Silicon Valley.

“Today we have the name of Mexican Silicon Valley thanks to the companies that have settled here, but we have to turn Jalisco in a truly Silicon Valley, for entrepreneurs emerge from here, innovators, inventors and companies that think outside the box, to design and generate things that are not generated nor taught in any other place dye to the good understanding of the environment around us, industry that concern us, electronics and software.  I need Jalisco to become an option for all companies worldwide, where they come looking for human capital, I do not want it to be India, I do not want it to be China, I want it to be Jalisco,” he ended.