Before the rumors of IKEA, world leader in furniture sales, arriving in Jalisco on 2019, the Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMAJAL, by its Spanish initials) and directives of the Swedish company discarded the next opening for the moment and assured that they are only seeking suppliers and key positions nationally.


Antonia Banuelos marketing director of IKEA Mexico said that for the moment they are only hiring personnel in specific areas of the country, and on their human resources page are seeking for a Regional Manager of Communications in Guadalajara and soon there will be more news.


“For more than a year we have an office in Mexico City and we are focused in making marketing studies and identifying areas in the entire country.  We are also hiring some key positions,” said the directive in an email.


Meanwhile, Mercedes Abundis Sanchez, president of the Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMAJAL,) said that there is nothing confirmed about IKEA’s arrival to Jalisco, but assures that his sector is capable of competing with high level transnationals.


“There was a request made by IKEA about work attitudes, but at any moment, I do not know about an authorized voice is going to settle its store, here in Guadalajara or at any other place in Mexico, however in my furniture sector are getting ready to compete with this business model, by making quality, innovation, be prepared for IKEA or any other transnational firm,” said the furniture leader.


What Abundis Sanchez said is that it is a fact that the European brand has sought suppliers in the state and that it already approached some of them to develop their products.


“I know that they already approached some industries and that maybe they gave them some developments, they are seeing the possibility of companies that have the capability to enter this business model, it is something we cannot ignore because we are living in a globalized world, if it is not this one is another, we are open for our sector having the opportunity of knowing other kind of customers and more this kind of company which worldwide is a big one,” she explained.


In addition he underlined that it would be of great level that members of her association will sale directly to IKEA since it is an international chain.


“It is a challenge entering this kind of businesses and if they are talking about working with direct lines, such as a productive chain, without intermediaries, talking to direct suppliers or manufacturers, not with goods distributors, material we use for products, that is what they are promoting and I know they already approached some of our members and maybe they gave them a development,” she said.


Mercedes Abundis is enthusiastic since her sector continues to grow, about three thousand furniture companies are registered, and currently 15 percent of its members are exporting.