The presence and protagonist of the female gender in the Jalisco Industry increases.  Recently the industry has have a structural change, where increasingly women are occupying places in decision making, what results in a dynamism in the different activities of the area.


According to data from the Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders (GWEL,) Mexico positions in the fifth place worldwide regarding the opportunities, incentives and programs it gives woman to undertake.


However, other indicators locate Mexico as a country that still has opportunity fields to generate business opportunities and open more spaces for woman in the industry.  In this context emerges the Coordinator Council of Business Women of Jalisco (CCMEJ, by its Spanish initials,) initiative formalized in 2017, seeks to promote a gender equality ecosystem in Jalisco and Mexico.


“One of the CCMEJ objectives is to make women in important and decision making positions visible inside the companies; it is an aspirational subject,” said Sofia Perez Gasque, director of the organism, in turn she said that about 15 % of the directive positions in companies belong to women.


CCMEJ has the support of other Chambers and business leadership, among which CCIJ, COPARMEX and CANACO.  “The industry has a clear objective: gender equity.  We have to cross business, cultural and personal barriers, but we have the will to achieve it; therefore initiatives as the CCMEJ are created,” he said.


However, he granted that there are still too many things to do in this subject.  Proof of that is that from the 33 Chambers currently represented in the CCMEJ, only one is led by a women.  Part of these amounts is founded in society’s culture, which still does not conceive the woman’s balance between work and family.


That is why one of the Council axes is to provide emotional training to those women interested, aiming to complement with technical and professional tools with which they are fitted with.


“The private initiative is focused in giving entrepreneur women an opportunity, to have all the tools in order for their business to prosper and consolidate,” said the also founder and general director of the company SF Lighting.


“There are very invaluable women in many companies.  We have to take these positions in decision making tables to generate more impact that the one we are doing,” said the businesswomen.


Jalisco Businesswoman award

In 2017, one of the CCMEJ banner was to retake the Jalisco Businesswoman Award, same that recognizes women whose professional work impact in subjects as social responsibility, sustainability, gender equity, human development and business training.


“We want to place in spotlight that businesswoman which is doing something; it is very important for people to know what is being done,” she said.  The call remains open since Monday, February 12th 2018.


“Women are a pillar inside the Jalisco Industry.  The companies in Jalisco have great women who are as director, corporate, members, finance directors, human resources director.  Without them the collaborative and functional team of a company could not be so productive,” she said.


Increasingly female empowerment


The Distinctive Spaces for Equality and Best Work Practices, granted by the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ, by its Spanish initials) together with the Jalisco Institute for Women (IJM, by its Spanish initials) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS, by its Spanish initials) of the entity, those are two strategies that seek promoting labor insertion of women to work centers and their accompaniment for a complete development.


These recognitions guarantee that the wining company has facilities as lactaries or flexible hours for parents, promoting at the same time they promote other companies following this example.  “There are companies that have made alliances with daycare centers for them to take care of their collaborators’ children,” said Perez Gasque.


These strategies encourage entrepreneurship and self-employment schemes.  The Step up Women accelerator is an example, emerged in 2015 as an initiative of the Coordinator Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Jalisco (CCEJJ, by its Spanish initials.)


At the moment, the accelerator has served 15 companies from different activities with an emphasis in human development issues, without letting behind the training in social responsibility, technology and a mentors program, where the participants are referred to consolidated businessmen who contribute to their projects’ growth.


“55 % of the current entrepreneurships are from women.  We are generating an impact that goes beyond the economic,” said Perez Gasque.


Company recognizes collaborators


The Mexican firm Interlatin is dedicated to create high technology solutions for different industries also recognizes the contributions of their women collaborators in the work environment.


“Women make the difference in Interlatin,” said Leon Ricardo Castro Valadez, human resources director of the company.  “We have partners in positions with outstanding leaderships.  Despite most of our collaborators are men (80 %,) we recognize and value women contributions to our company,” he said.

Castro Valadez shared that the female team at Interlatin personifies, in addition of high quality technical knowledge, qualities of leadership, commitment and dedication.


The Mexican company celebrates every year the Interlatin Women’s Day, event held for company and family collaborators, as well as customers and other members of the business community.  It is also the framework to recognize a member of the company nominated to be the Interlatin Women, in recognition for being an example for their colleges.


“Interlatin Women is someone that lives the company values, a leader, innovative and committed.  We are the ones nominating them and that is something we proudly promote,” said the HR responsible.


Hereupon the company tries to be a balance factor between the work and family phase of its collaborators, therefore they apply strategies such as flexible schedules, reduced working days and home office days; likely employees’ children are welcome in days when there is no school.


A success case


Alejandra Mendoza, Quality director of Interlatin, is part of the company since 2013 and firmly believes of “men and women have the same skills,” thanks to that are what her family inculcated since childhood.


As a leader of a 12 people team, the director assures that the industry must open more spaces for hiring women, since they have skills such as responsibility, commitment, punctuality and pay more attention to details.


The computer systems engineer by ITESO has worked in companies such as IBM, Sanmina, Foxconn and Flextronics; in addition she led the MARS plant for two years in Poncitlan, Jalisco.


“If you want to be successful, you need to be surrounded by people that could help you be successful.  Every day is different.  If you are committed with something you have to comply with it, this will give you the respect of your work teammates and your bosses,” she recommends to other women.


Where is the Industry going?


“The gender is not a criterion anymore to take a work decision; it is something secondary.  If you review who has the skills, I believe that in the operative part from the working structures at any company we overcome that part,” said Blanca Noelia Caro Chaparro, CCIJ director.


She also shared that they are working from the business leadership seeking for more female gender participation in the industry, which starts from a career election.  “We have to start a promotion culture of women and men studying engineering and technical careers in subjects being demanded by the market,” she noted.


More information:

Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, by its Spanish initials) report that 34.55 % of the workforce of the manufacturing industry in the country belongs to women.